27 Disney And Pixar Crossover Relationship Pictures That Are Extra Sweet

It’s that time again, crossover relationships! This list is basically musical chairs between characters. Some get around way more than others in the fandom world. For example, Elsa has been shipped with so many characters. She goes beyond getting shipped with her own sister to Hiccup from Pixar’s How to Train your Dragon and DreamWorks characters like Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians.

If you do a little digging in the less recent fanart, there is more than Elsa shipping. For example, from this list, you will see that Ariel was a very popular character to pair off with others. In a way, that’s super unique since she’s a mermaid. How do you pair a mermaid with so many different characters?

Disney has not represented enough on their own, so the fans take matters into their own hands.

A lot of the time it is about commonalities in their personalities. For example, Merida and Mulan are rebels who do not play by the rules. Ariel and Belle both have musical numbers about wanting to see more of the world. It’s just common traits in storytelling that can make these crossovers work in your imagination.

So here is our list of Disney and Pixar crossover relationships.

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27 Mulan And Pocahontas

This picture is part of a series done by the artist about Disney princesses falling in love with each other. Other pair-ups include Ariel and Jasmine, Elsa and Tiana, Cinderella and Aurora, and Belle and Meg. Some of the pictures are even a little saucy!

This may have been inspired by the campaign to give Elsa a girlfriend in future Frozen movies.

Even Elsa’s singer, Idina Menzel, endorsed the idea. For now though, we have to settle for fanart like this.

Art was made by Isiah Stephens.

26 Tianna And Cinderella

So what do these princesses have in common? While Tiana had no evil stepmother and sisters, she was an incredibly hard worker. Cinderella, while having never kissed a frog, also was a hard worker. They also both have lost fathers, but that’s just common for main characters nowadays.

The point is that these two would be unstoppable workaholics. In a way, maybe they have too much in common. Tiana needed someone a little opposite of her to help her relax.

25 Merida And Rapunzel

Merida and Rapunzel are common in the fanart and fanfiction world. However, unlike Moana and Ariel, the reasoning is less obvious. They both have crazy hair that a ton of cutting-edge animation work went into.

In terms of personality, they are pretty different. Merida is rebellious while Rapunzel is bubbly. Opposites can attract though. They could bring out another side of each other. Merida would definitely break Rapunzel out of the tower and convince her to take fate into her own hands.

24 Belle And Ariel

Her goals and dreams are not as in common and on the nose as Moana with Ariel, but Belle has a song about wanting more in her life as well. She would love Ariel’s curious personality and desire to learn.

Belle would probably read to her and then loan her books that she can read on land in secret.

Imagine their dads meeting each other. Maurice meets Poseidon. Now that would be a weird family get-together between a stern king and a wacky inventor.

23 Hiccup And Merida

Here is yet another usually popular pairing. It has the opposites attract logic to back it up too. Hiccup is down-to-earth and mellow while Merida is aggressive and passionate. Though they do have one big thing in common: parent drama.

Merida is at odds with her mother about marriage and tradition while Hiccup is at odds with his father about dragons and tradition.

Another big commonality is that they are both oddballs in their societies. They are both untraditional in a land filled with tradition.

22 Ariel And Moana

Moana is one of the few princesses Disney has made without pairing off in a romance story. Disney has been trying to separate itself from the poor self-worth promotion they were giving young girls to find a prince in order to be happy. That change has been evident in the more recent Disney movies by even making a Disney prince a villain in Frozen!

This picture is just sweet of Moana and Ariel though. They have so much joy in this one piece of art.

Art was made by Sockie.

21 Rapunzel And Belle

Did Rapunzel read a lot of books in her tower? You think she would because of her limitations of being confined there. However Rapunzel is groomed by Mother Gothel to think the outside world is dangerous and awful, so wouldn’t the books she read be limited too? Or did Mother Gothel not think about that?

There is some amusing fan art of Rapunzel reading The Hunger Games and being like “I’m never leaving the tower!”

Maybe Gothel only got her books like that to keep her inside.

20 Pocahontas And Moana

Moana and Pocahontas were both Disney movie depictions of native cultures, so that is a major commonality. As one can easily guess, Moana did a way better job than Pocahontas when it came to respecting a foreign culture since Disney gained more experience on how to depict other cultures between the two movies. For Moana, the vision was to make a movie for a culture. For Pocahontas, the vision was to win an academy award.

Art was made by jostnic.

19 Merida And Rapunzel

A bow and arrow are a way better than weapon than a frying pan. However, unlike a frying pan, it takes more skill to use. Like, imagine if Merida tried to fight a bear using a frying pan.

Or if people tried to win her hand in marriage by throwing a frying pan at a target.

Joking aside, Merida would probably have to be a very patient teacher with Rapunzel. Rapunzel is a goofball and would probably get distracted and joke around.

Art was made by sockie and dopeybeauty.

18 Mulan And Aurora

In the series Once Upon a Time, this relationship is actually canon. Well, sort of. The love is there but it’s unrequited for now. Disney’s Aurora is not as fleshed out as she is in Once Upon a Time. Like Snow White, she was one of the early princesses who just had to be pretty, sing songs, and dream of finding a prince to be interesting. Mulan, of course, is majorly different. She was a rebel princess. In a way, you can just sort Disney princesses between traditional and rebel, can’t you?

Art was made by Johanna the Mad.

17 Hades And Maleficent

Apparently, this pairing was inspired by an episode of The House of Mouse, where Maleficent goes on a date with Hades. She says, “I appreciate a man with a fiery disposition. It brings out the dragon in me.”

Of course, this was after she denied Hades multiple times.

She told him he was being too nice and she hated nice. It wasn’t until she saw him get angry that she accepted his request for a date. Captain Hook tried to get with her too and failed miserably.

Art was made by theharmine.

16 Rapunzel And Merida

Rapunzel and Merida are on this list multiple times because there is a lot of fan art out there of them that we thought was worth sharing. As usual in the fan art world with these characters, a lot of attention was put into their hair.

Other ships that are popular for Merida include Astrid from How to Train your Dragon and Jack from Rise of the Guardians. As for Rapunzel, she also gets shipped with Jack, Elsa, and Kristoff.

15 Ariel And Belle

Luckily for Belle, France has a lot of beaches. As for if there is a beach near her village, who knows? Her village doesn’t exist, and it was inspired by two villages rather than one.

Her village was built in Disney World in Florida though, and that has a ton of ocean around.

Belle looks super into the book, The Three Musketeers. Reading out loud on the beach sounds hard though with the seagulls and crashing waves. The book would be easily damaged too.

14 Jane And Rapunzel

Jane from Tarzan does not get enough love compared to many other Disney characters. It is because she is not a princess? Her story is incredibly different from the princess narrative.

Princess or not, she was shown to enjoy drawing sketches. Rapunzel’s style is more of colorful murals but its still art and something they have in common.

Rapunzel looks so happy to see Jane’s work and Jane seems so shy but happy about the situation. They could give each other tips and pointers.

13 Aurora And Belle

One interesting tidbit that makes Disney fans ship Aurora and Belle is that there is a theory that Sleeping Beauty was one of Belle’s favorite books. In Beauty and the Beast, she mentions the book she is reading in song.

“Well, it's my favorite! Far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise -"

Sound familiar? What about when she says, “It's my favorite part because you'll see. Here's where she meets Prince Charming. But she won't discover that it's him 'til chapter three."

Art was made by ehryel.

12 Wendy And Alice

A bit of Disney trivia for you: Wendy from Peter Pan and Alice from Alice in Wonderland were both voiced by the same actress.

If you think about it, they have a lot in common too. They both speak maturely for their age. They also both go from having fun in another world to eventually becoming homesick. So it’s easy to imagine these two characters enjoying each other’s company. They could tell each other about their adventures and believe each other too.

Art was made by Precia-T.

11 Moana And Ariel

To compare more about these two movies, we can even look at The Little Mermaid and Moana’s villains. Ursula pretends to be Ariel’s friend, but later turns out to be the main antagonist. As for Moana, the main villain actually turns out to be a friend in the end.

Both also feature magical necklaces. Ursula, the main villain, wears one in The Little Mermaid while the hero, Moana, wears one in her movie.

Again, it’s a pretty compelling argument that these two movies are opposite of each other.

10 Gaston And Elsa

It looks like this fan art was made more as a joke than a serious pairing. But who knows, there is a lot of Gaston fanfiction about the man changing for the better. What if Disney makes a Gaston movie that’s like the Maleficent movie where he turns out to be the hero? Probably not a good idea. He’s was not quite as wrapped up in magic and mystery like Maleficent and his whole villainous trait is that he thinks he’s the hero.

9 Rapunzel And Merida

“I wanted to draw something cute,” wrote the artist.

Gosh. What more is there to say about Rapunzel and Merida? There are so many pictures of them together!

This could be because of “The Big Four.” That’s the name of a popular fandom crossover between Frozen, How to Train Your Dragon, Brave, Tangled, and Rise of the Guardians. Yes, that is more than four movies and that makes it all the more confusing because they still get called “The Big Four.”

Art was made by charlestanart.

8 Hiccup And Merida

Hiccup would have to be the most patient person to braid Merida’s hair. Props to the artist though, as this is super cute. The bear mirror is a nice touch as well.

If Merida was ever introduced to dragons, she would probably fall in love and never go home again.

She would be attracted to the grace and the danger. Even if she wouldn’t fall for Hiccup, she would definitely think he’s cool for all that he’s done to change his society.

Art was made by Esther-Shen.

7 Jack Sparrow And Ariel

Here are two majorly different characters. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is more targeted towards adults than children, especially with a drunken chaotic man like Jack Sparrow as a protagonist.

The mermaids from Jack Sparrow's world alone are majorly different from the ones in The Little Mermaid. In Jack’s world, they lure men into the sea and drown them. He probably wouldn’t trust one. Only in the fanfiction world could this one relationship happen on any level.

6 Merida And Hiccup

Wow, the shipping wars for who Merida should be with must be constant. It is unusual for a Disney princess to be single after all.

That is something cool about her, but it leaves room for a ton of fans to imagine her with different people without a rival in the way.

So yeah, a ton of Hiccup and Rapunzel ships with Merida on this list. At least we don’t have DreamWorks on this list or we would never see the end of Jack Frost.

Art was made by siquia.

5 Jack Skellington And Elsa

Probably one of the most popular pairings on the internet is Jack Frost with Elsa. So instead we brought you Elsa with a different Jack!

Jack loves snow and basically everything Christmas, so he would be very excited about Elsa’s powers. Not just that but we can make monster snowmen! What could be better for the mix of Halloween horror and Christmas cheer? Imagine Olaf visiting Halloween town. Would he fit in? Probably not, but his brother would.

4 Esmeralda And Meg

Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame and Megara from Hercules are both outspoken and strong female characters. Unlike so many other female Disney characters, they Esmeralda and Meg are portrayed as street smart, witty, and come across as more mature.

If they met in real life, they would at least be friends.

They also have a sense of justice. Meg eventually goes against Hades’ wishes despite their deal and Esmeralda is an activist. Or we can just keep it simple and say these should be together because they are both pretty.

3 Hiro And Vanellope

Well, here is a more modern couple.

“Hiro (19) is just sitting there holding Vanellope (18) while she rants about things (mostly about Taffyta or her overprotective uncle Ralph),” wrote the artist.

So this art has the characters older. Also Vanellope is no longer in a video game. You know, because that would be a damper on a relationship wouldn’t it? It’s easy to picture these two being nerds together who play two-player video games and order pizza for a date.

Art was made by hanakaptr.

2 Tadashi And Elsa

There are some similarities between Elsa from Frozen and Tadashi from Big Hero 6 that they could bond over. They both have younger siblings that they share a special bond with. Though very different methods, they create sentient beings (Olaf and Baymax). Elsa and Tadashi are also portrayed as one of the more mature and intelligent characters from their movies.

That being said, their movies are totally different genres, so this is a very creative pairing. It looks like Elsa was modernized to fit into San Fransokyo.

1 Miguel And Hiro

This pairing is an opposite attract kind. Hiro from Big Hero 6 is a scientist and the Miguel from Coco is an artist. They would have a lot to share with each other.

Their cultures are also majorly different.

Hiro is half Japanese and half American and lives in a technologically advanced city. Miguel is Mexican and lives in a more traditional and modest town. They could also share a lot from their cultures such as food and music.

Art was made by n3rdx.

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