Disney Plus And Chill: 20 Best Movies Coming To Disney's New Streaming Service

For years, Netflix has ruled the movie streaming game. But come November, a new player will show up with big moves. A couple of years ago, the Walt Disney Company made a huge decision to start creating their own on-demand streaming service, Disney+.

Disney+ will stream all its big-budget films and timeless classics, including new Disney+ exclusive content. The company boasts a smaller price than its major competitor and may already have more than a million U.S. subscribers, weeks before the launch date, according to TechCrunch.

How is it possible for Disney+ to already be making big waves without even being live? The answer is simple; it’s the amazing lineup of movies and television shows they are set to stream. All our childhood favorites will be a click away. Hundreds of different movies will be available, but here are 20 picks that can’t be missed.

20 Avengers: Endgame Will Bring Back All The Feels


It wasn’t that long ago when Avengers: Endgame was pulling in big money at the box office, and now it is going to be a huge addition for Disney+.

The movie has an enormous fan-following and even though it is an action, superhero flick, it connected with millions of people on an emotional level. It won’t be available on launch day, but it’s expected a month later.

19 The Sound of Music Is Perfect For Family Fun


The Sound of Music is a heartwarming story made for the whole family. If you have never seen it (which is kind of crazy), now is the time.

It’s a musical, but it’s a musical that speaks to the soul. The songs are super catchy and will be playing in your head years after you’ve seen the movie.

18 Expect To See All The Star Wars Flicks On Disney Plus


The fact that Disney+ is going to hold the entire montage of Star Wars films, including the amazing first trilogy with the original cast. George Lucas’ story is an incredible one.

You’ll be able to totally have a Star Wars-themed binge session and get your geek on right in the privacy of your own home.

17 Lady And The Tramp - The Live-Action Remake?!


We’ve seen a lot of Disney’s animated classics become live-action films lately, and Disney+ will premiere another one. Lady and the Tramp the live-action version will have all the best parts of the original.

This sweet, love story between two pups will have your heart floating and your stomach craving a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. The Disney+ original will be available on the streaming service’s launch date.

16 A Goofy Movie Is Forever A Favorite


A Goofy Movie is one of those movies you can watch a million times and love every minute of it. It is full of laughter, tears, and amazing musical numbers.

The journey of son and father, in this movie, is truly something special. But of course, we’re here for that moment Goofy and Max get on stage with Powerline.

15 Fantasia Will Bring Back All Our Childhood Magic


This amazing movie was one of Walt Disney’s boldest experiments, according to Disney. He took classical music and blended with his cartoon animations.

The original film may be from 1940, but it’s one that speaks to children of all generations. Seeing the music come to life is something that everyone should experience.

14 Hocus Pocus Is A Timeless Millennial Classic


There isn’t a year that goes by where Hocus Pocus isn’t praised during Halloween time. Now, you’ll be able to watch the incredible movie all year long, thanks to Disney+.

The Sanderson sisters, Binx, Max, and the whole gang are here to put a spell on you every day of the year.

13 Remember Smart House? It's Coming Back


Smart House is the Disney Channel original movie well ahead of its time. Every millennial kid was super jealous of Ben Cooper when he won that new house.

A house that could do almost everything for you? What could go wrong? Well, as Ben would learn, actually a lot could go wrong. This fun movie is an instant classic.

12 Every Single Disney Princess Movie Will Be Streamed


Okay, this alone is a huge selling point for Disney+. Every single one of their animated princess movies will be available. When we say everyone – we aren’t kidding.

Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Mulan, Pocahontas, Elsa and Anna, Merida, Tiana, Rapunzel and Moana – the gang is all there and this could be the best thing to ever happen.

11 Zenon, Girl Of The 21st Century Will Make Our Hearts Go 'Boom Boom Boom'


“Zoom, zoom, zoom,” Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century is coming to Disney+ for you. The story about a teenage girl trying to save her space station from doom is unforgettable.

Zetus Lapetus! If you don’t stream this catchy and super fun movie when Disney+ launches, you will seriously end up regretting it.

10 Flubber Is Sure To Turn Us All Into A Pile Of Goo


Anything with the late Robin Williams in it is going to be great. Flubber is one of Williams’ lesser-praised movies but is a favorite for a lot of fans.

The late-90’s movie, tells a story of a genius scientist who discovers a very lively, rubber substance, dubbed “flubber.” Things get wild when the flubber gets a mind of his own.

9 Halloweentown Is Great All Year Long


Halloweentown is one Disney Channel original movie that forever holds a special place in our hearts. Why? Because “Halloween is cool,” duh.

This movie premiered over 20-years-ago and is still every bit of awesome. Imagine finding out you come from a family of witches! Yeah, just like Marnie’s life, nothing would ever be the same again.

8 The Sandlot Reminds Us What It's Like To Be A Kid


The Sandlot is one of those movies everyone needs to see at least once in their lifetime, and if you never have, now is your chance.

Disney+ will have the coming-of-age classic available for streaming and are even working on The Sandlot series for original streaming content. We can’t wait!

7 Johnny Tsunami Is Back In Action


Johnny Tsunami is a movie that may have been forgotten in our adult years, but once you see it again, you’ll instantly remember why you fell in love with it as a kid.

This is a story full of action about fighting against diversity and trying to fit in. It’s basically every single one of our lives splashed with a ton of action and boards.

6 10 Things I Hate About You Will Make Us Laugh And Cry All At The Same Time


10 Things I Hate About You is an unforgettable ‘90s masterpiece. The story parallels Shakespeare’s popular comedy, The Taming of the Shrew. Two sisters, who couldn’t be more different from each other, are simply trying to find their place in this world amongst cliques, love interests, and overbearing fathers.

As an added bonus, you get to see Heath Ledger sing in this movie.

5 Tom And Huck Will Always Be Great


Tom and Huck is the movie that will take you on an unforgettable adventure. Based on Mark Twain’s timeless story of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, this movie is one of the greats.

Plus, it features the super cute Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Tom and Brad Renfro as Huck, need we say more?

4 Jungle 2 Jungle Can Warm Our Hearts Every Time


Jungle 2 Jungle is a totally underrated movie. Once you take the time to watch it, it’ll instantly become one of your favorite, family-friendly films.

Tim Allen plays a workaholic who just learns he has a 13-year-old son, who was raised in the jungle. We place his jungle-born son in New York City and watch as the hilarious antics unfold.

3 The Parent Trap Is Sure To Take Us Back To The Good Times


Little Lindsay Lohan is a sight to behold. Lindsay, before all the bad things happened in her life, was the sweet, little, freckle-faced redhead everyone loved. This movie had us all wondering if maybe we had a twin sister out in the world, too.

The Parent Trap, starring Lindsay Lohan, is a remake of the 1960’s movie, which will also be available on Disney+.

2 Rookie Of The Year Is One Of The Best '90s Kid's Movie


Every little girl had a crush on Henry from Rookie of the Year, and if she denies it, she’s probably lying. Thomas Ian Nicholas, as Henry, was undeniably cute and charismatic.

Rookie of the Year is a movie that both children and adults will enjoy and now we can relive all our favorite moments with Disney+.

1 Three Men And A Baby Is Everything We Never Knew We Needed


Three Men and a Baby features an all-star ‘80s cast. The three leading men are played by Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Guttenberg.

We follow the guys as they learn one of them has an infant daughter he never knew about. It’s amazing to watch the journey of three bachelors forced to grow up and actually become attached to the little girl. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

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