Disney Princess Subscription Boxes Have Been Unveiled Just Before The Holidays

Get ready to squeal because Disney just unveiled Disney Princess themed subscription boxes that will be on all of our Christmas lists. The new boxes will each feature a different princess and the very first box will be Belle themed. For some reason, she is the princess that reminds us of Christmas the most, so it's fitting.

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Subscription boxes seem to exist for just about everything but one has never seemed so magical. The Disney Princess Subscription Boxes are part of the Disney Enchanted Collection and will be filled with items that fit the princess of the month.

There will be two different versions of each box: a deluxe option or a regular one. Regardless of which level you choose, each box will come with an authentic Disney costume dress, a read-along storybook with CD, princess stickers, activities, and a $10 off offer when you spend $50 or more at the Disney store (tricky Disney). There is also a letter from the princess herself.

The exclusive box will come with an additional 2-3 princess toys or accessories. It's a pretty elegant gift. Take a look below. You know you want it.

Via Disney

PopSugar had the exclusive reveal of these boxes that went on sale at the beginning of November. We feel the need to mention that the costume dresses are just for little girls. The largest size is a 9/10 so don't plan on treating yourself for your upcoming 30th.

Each box is around $50 per month and that includes shipping. The exclusive box will be about $20 more but the price of each box goes down if you purchase a subscription versus choosing the month to month option.  There will be six boxes total and you can get a year-long subscription to receive a box every other month or a 6-month subscription to get a box 3 months out of the year. Princesses Moana, Ariel, Jasmine, Aurora, and Cinderella will each have their own time to shine with their own boxes soon to come.

These subscription boxes would be the perfect Christmas gift for a little girl! Or a grown woman who fully knows she can't fit into the costume but wants all the awesome princess stuff anyway. Are you into these boxes? Which box do you want? Leave us your Disney Princes love in the comments.


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