18 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Video Game Heroes

Disney and video games have gone together for several decades. Disney didn’t take part too much in the early era of gaming, but once Nintendo rose up, they were soon producing scores of licensed games. From movie tie-ins to original Mickey adventures, the company had a lot of influence with gamers. It continues today with such hits as the epic Kingdom Hearts franchise and other games that spread the Disney influence more.

This has been a boon for fan artists on the Internet who love to mix up Disney folks and video game characters. Mickey alone has been used for Mario, Sonic and countless other game characters. It’s more intriguing when the various Disney ladies are used to become some video game characters. A few choices are obvious but it’s much more fun when a Disney princess is transformed into a character few would think of. Here are 20 terrific pieces of Disney ladies reimagined as video game heroes to show how well the two mediums go together.

18 Whistle While You Work


Fallout has been a hit franchise for a while as gamers just love the mix of FPS and RPG set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It’s a word of ravagers, warriors, mutants, and other threats where only the strong survive. In other words, it’s the last place you’d find the original Disney princess. But there’s Snow White in a lovely jumpsuit, making nice with some mutated animals and looking ready to break into a song. This would be a weird addition to the Fallout world.

17 No Need For Freeze Ray


It’s an odd pairing but it works. Here, Elsa has dropped her usual white dress to take on the armor of Samus Aran. It fits her well with the great shot of her firing off a freeze blast to stop a Metroid in its tracks. The blonde hair fits the character and one can see Elsa handling the armor nicely. This is a great fusion of characters to show a Samus with her own ice powers to handle the alien menace.

16 Belle Soul


Soulcalibur may not get as much attention as other fighting games but fans still love the bevy of unique warriors. Xianghau may seem a fit for someone like Mulan or another warrior type. Having her crossed with the smart and bookworm Belle is something else. Yet it manages to work as Belle still retains her amazing beauty while holding that sword and dressed in the unique armor. She rarely goes into battle for real but Belle could fit into this series.

15 A Darker Bell


The Fire Emblem series has been a huge winner for Nintendo for decades. Fans just love its turn-based combat and the bevy of amazing female characters. That includes the rather sinister Queen Celine. In a truly genius idea, Glimpen crosses Celine over with Tinkerbell. The lovely fairy has gone from just Peter Pan to an icon of the Disney TV shows and parks. This outfit makes her look much darker and edgier yet still the magic that makes her a favorite.

14 Diamond In The Rough


There are a lot of ladies who can be chosen to replicate Lara Croft. Jasmine may seem an odd choice but it does make a bit of sense given how her land is filled with amazing treasures. This is the classic Lara in her fun outfit with weapons, looking gorgeous even amid the hot jungle settings. Jasmine is known as a brave and independent girl to make this a terrific take on the Tomb Raider.

13 Perfect Indeed


It’s mostly forgotten today but Perfect Dark was a huge hit as a major first person shooter adventure for the N64. It followed Joanna Dark, a top agent for a secret organization who utilizes a variety of weapons and skills for her missions. Choosing Ariel as Joanna is an odd choice but it actually seems to work. She looks great in the outfit with her lush red hair and the smile shows she’s actually enjoying this unique land adventure.

12 Princess Kicks


Artists do enjoy imagining the Disney ladies as the 16-bit warriors of Street Fighter. One has to credit artist Isiah Stephens with avoiding the obvious choice of Mulan as Chun-Li. Instead, he picks Jasmine and she actually fits the character well. The iconic dress and boots fit her and her dark hair looks great in the classic bun hairstyle. Given her on-screen actress Naomi Scott was also a Power Ranger, Jasmine as a warrior makes more sense.

11 Cosmic Elsa


Super Mario Galaxy introduced the gorgeous Rosalina to the Nintendo heroine ranks. She looks lovely with her lush hair and shiny blue dress. Thus, the logical choice to replicate her is Frozen’s Elsa. It’s a perfect match with the blue dress shining well and the wand fitting her in her hand. The touch of Olaf as a star is also great. It fits both characters nicely to let Elsa shine even higher than before.

10 Under the Z


The Little Mermaid took a lot of liberties with the original fairy tale including a happier ending. This version of Ariel goes in a totally different direction. It transforms her into a Legend of Zelda style warrior with a darker visage yet still looking beautiful. The huge crossbow makes for a good weapon and the addition of a more sinister Flounder is a nice touch. This is one undersea creature you don’t want to mess with.

9 Frozen Pipes


The detail on this painting is just amazing. Having Anna and Elsa of Frozen as Mario and Luigi is a great idea. The more adventurous Anna being Mario is also a good touch. But the background of them running about platforms is terrific. There’s also the fun shot of Toad riding Olaf. Then there’s the wacky touches of Mario as Anna and Luigi in Elsa’s dress with them. It’s a gorgeous painting for both pairs of famous siblings.

8 If The Shoe Fits…


It’s the concept of the drawing that gets you. Just the idea that the lovely Cinderella comes to her room, strips off her gorgeous fairy-created gown, and dons the uniform of Samus Aran. The blue suit actually fits her perfectly and she looks much like Samus with her blonde hair. That she still wears the glass shoe is the icing on the cake. It looks like the Fairy Godmother put out some special magic for this outfit.

7 Resident Warrior


Disney is currently prepping a live-action version of Mulan. This promises to focus more on the young woman who becomes a warrior to save her nation. This drawing reimagines Mulan as Ada Wong from Resident Evil. It may sound cliche but it works as Mulan looks stunning in that red dress and easily handles her weapon. The bun/ponytail is perfect and this comes off as a wonderfully natural combination of characters.

6 Sleeping Zelda


This actually would make perfect sense. In Legend of Zelda lore, Zelda was placed under a curse that left her in a deep sleep for centuries. What better Disney princess to take up that role than Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty? The dress is terrific with the nice setting behind her and the addition of a rose in her hand reminds one of her Disney roots. Maybe Link can be a prince himself to wake her up.

5 Disney Peach


This is an amazing look at how some Disney princesses can pass for Mario’s lovely princess. In particular, Aurora of Sleeping Beauty is almost a dead ringer for Peach in many ways, particularly in that iconic dress. You can almost see her in a race kart, playing baseball, or even an adventure of her own. It showcases how Peach could fit in with the Disney ladies perfectly in her own way.

4 The Princess And The Pokémon


This is an offbeat mix but it works. Tiana from The Princess and the Frog isn’t as famous as other Disney ladies, but she looks great in her dresses. The idea is that rather than a transformed prince, the frog Naveen is actually a Pokémon. He still seems close to Tiana who tries to handle its wacky behavior. It must be tough trying to catch these across the bayou.

3 Horizon Zero Wind


This is a great mix of characters. Here, Pocahontas is reimagined as Aloy, the heroine of PS4’s acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn. It fits as Aloy’s outfit is much like the animated character’s and she lives in a rustic setting. All that’s needed is some face makeup, a bit of the high-tech armor and the special bow and spear. It’s perfect for hunting mechanical beasts and yet still retain her amazing beauty to make this a unique warrior princess.

2 Hopping Link


Judy of Zootopia would no doubt balk at being called a “princess.” But the tough bunny cop has proven herself as a great fighter in her own way to bring justice to her animal city. This drawing is fun by having her as Link. She fits the green suit and cap and even handles the sword and shield well. Having her hopping about ready for battle is terrific and would provide a very feisty Link in her own right.

1 Brave Rider


The 2013 Tomb Raider reboot was hailed for a younger and tougher Lara Croft. Rather than twin pistols, Lara utilized a bow and arrow as she fought an army of enemies in an island setting with only her wits to sustain her. It’s only fair that the character to fit that would be Brave’s Merida. She perfectly captures a battered but unbowed Lara taking careful aim and prepared to do what it takes to survive. Just like her counterpart, this Merida isn’t going to let anyone else be the one to rescue her.

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