20 Disney Redesigns That Would Make Mickey Mouse Blush

Disney's own mature content would never be steamy enough to make Mickey Mouse blush, but fans help make this a reality nonetheless.

Disney was founded in 1923, and quickly established itself as a leader in the American animation industry before they diversified into live-action film production, television, and even theme parks - growing into one of the most well-known companies in the world. Since the 1980s, the Disney corporation has created and acquired corporate divisions in order to market more mature content than what people typically associated with its flagship family-oriented brands.

However, Disney's own mature content would never be steamy enough to make Mickey Mouse blush, which is exactly why we've taken it upon ourselves to track down some fan art that would definitely make him a little red-faced and break out with the sweats... Here we have 20 Disney redesigns that would make Mickey Mouse blush.

20 Pocahontas

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

With the facts that have emerged about what may have been the real story of Pocahontas, we couldn't help but love the brave princess even more. In this rendering, she has been re-imagined in modern times and we like this look— nothing wrong with her previous look though. However, this talented artist's attention to detail is quite mind-blowing.

19 Cruella De Ville

via Pinterest.com

The villainous fashion designer broke a lot of pet lover's hearts with her obsession with Dalmatian fur. We still loathe her, but this redesign of the villain softens her a little. She's still mysterious and possesses darkness about her, but she still manages to appeal to your more compassionate side and, more importantly, she looks really good.

18 Part Of Your World

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

The little mermaid may have given up her voice for a pair of legs, something we don't recommend, but we sure hope she did not give up her spunk. In this piece of fan art, we see Ariel with her signature red mane - (hair goals by the way) and some ultra-modern clothes. She is as cute as a button.

17 Oh-Hello Jasmine

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

Jasmine is kind and uses her voice to stand up for herself. Let's face it, how many people do you know that have pet tigers? In this re-imagination of the princess, she has traded in her tiger for an adorable cat, a fact we are not mad about. Modern-day Jasmine would have had a challenge keeping a tiger in the city.

16 The Snow Queen

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

When Frozen was released it was was an instant hit as many identified with Elsa. Most of us sang along to "Let It Go" and wished we had our own ice castle and superpowers too. If Elsa were a real-life person, we would like to be her friend. This fan art proves that the princess would fit in quite well into modern life, even in her usual dress.

15 The Chief’s Daughter

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

If Moana taught us anything, it's that you have to fight for what you believe in and chase your dreams. We loved the movie— it was a feel-good flick and Moana proved to be a good role model for little kids. This rendering of our favorite princess is too cute for words.

14 Let Your Hair Down

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

Rapunzel taught us a lesson in hope and resilience, as most Disney characters do. She is a character that stole our hearts and we had a love-hate relationship with her hair. In this fan art, we are glad to see that the artist maintained Rapunzel's long locks, staying true to the character. She has on regular clothes, which we bet Mother Gothel wouldn't approve of, but we certainly do.

13 To Be Human Again

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

We hate to say it, but while we love Princess Tiana to bits, we hated the movie. It was poorly done, plain and simple. It's amazing to see what this artist has done with the Princess, though, as she's a sight for sore eyes. She looks every bit like fashionista royalty - and she's even traded in her signature gown for a trendy outfit.

12 Merida The Brave

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

Like Moana, Merida is one of the few Disney characters to not get a love interest. Kind of squashes the whole damsel in distress narrative. In this rendering, Merida looks every bit like the wild child she is and we have so much hair envy…  it seems we may have a thing for redheads.

11 The Beast Tamer

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

Like us, Belle has a passion for books and that's one of the reasons we took a liking to her character. It's a breath of fresh air to see Disney give some depth to their female characters. We see modern-day Belle traded in her ball gown for some denim… we approve.

10 The Lion Queen

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

Nala is sassy and clever and that's perhaps why she's a beloved character. However, while we saw her mellow down as she aged, that does not mean she lost her spark. This re-imagination of Nala envisions her in human form, and we can't get over how cute she is. The artist brought Nala to life in this very realistic version of the feline.

9 The Glass Slipper

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

You could either choose to see Cinderella as a damsel in need of saving and needing a prince to rescue her or a woman who faces adversity yet chooses kindness and optimism even when the situations are hard. This rendering of Cinderella makes us wonder what path her modernized version took in life.

8 Warrior Woman

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

Unlike most Disney princesses, Mulan was one of the few characters that was bursting with so much personality and wasn't only passive or pleasant. The artist may have given her a makeover but we feel she still maintains her essence. Modern-day Mulan seems like a girl who knows what she wants and does not tolerate anyone's nonsense.

7 The Girl Who Grew Up

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

The adorable fairy represents something mystical and fun for all ages. The redesign is alluring and portrays her as a modern-day woman. The artist added a twist to her outfit as well— the cute fairy is known to be sassy, but this fan art has her smirking and looking like she is keeping a big secret from us. Perhaps she's hiding pixie dust in her bag?

6 Sleeping Beauty

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

Aurora was cursed into a deep sleep and only awoke after a kiss from the prince. We are glad all this only happened on TV and not in real life. Imagine how inappropriate all this would be! Kissing strangers awake is an offense anywhere in the world. The redesign of Aurora is gorgeous, though. Almost makes your forget all that harassment.

5 The Lovely Sea Witch

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

Ursula is one character we have a deep loathing for and with good reason— she is conniving and cunning. She uses Ariel's fascination with humans and desire to walk, run, and dance against her. In true Ursula form, her redesign embodies a certain darkness but we have to point out that it has an appeal to it.

4 Fairest Of Them All

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

Our girl Snow White taught us that there isn't such a thing as being too optimistic. She is sweet, kind, funny, and we love her to bits. She is a hopeless romantic and while this may seem as codependency, we see that she is quite resourceful and capable of taking care of herself. This artists redesign of the Princess gives her the edge we didn't even know she needed.

3 Thaw Our Frozen Hearts

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

Anna is such a strong character and her love for her sister Elsa is extremely admirable— she is a shining example of a positive Disney role model. Frozen is a great movie and we loved seeing capable female leads in such a good Disney movie. This rendering of Anna isn't too far from the original, except she probably isn't royalty and has regular clothes on - like an ordinary teenager out and about.

2 My Friends Call Me Meg

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

While Hercules the movie didn't do quite well and isn't as memorable as other Disney hits, we still remember Megara. She is probably the most underrated Disney princess and hasn't gotten as much attention as the others. Clearly this artist is a Meg fan too and paid homage to her in the best way possible. She looks amazing.

1 Queen Of The Lost Empire

via Fda Suarez-Deviant Art

Kida is a fearsome warrior who lives on an ancient mythical underwater island... how cool is that? By now, you have obviously picked up on our love for independent, purpose-driven Disney created female characters. We think Kida is one such character and we are in awe of this artist's version of the beloved Princess.

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