Disney+ Scores 10 Million Subscribers, But Most Can't Use The Streaming Service

Disney+ made its long-awaited debut on November 12th, and in just one day amassed 10 million subscribers. This huge number caused some technical delays as millions of people tried to experience the magic at the same time. Some users had problems either downloading the app or streaming what they wanted to watch.

The stats for the 10 million subscribers doesn’t specify if customers only paid for a month, or went for the whole year. In comparison, Netflix has 158 million subscribers worldwide. Streaming as we know it has changed and Netflix has some serious competition.

3 Better Than Netflix?

Disney+ is truly amazing for any Disney fan out there, which should be everybody. You forget how much media power they really have. Almost the entire animated Disney catalog is available for immediate viewing. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Bambi to Toy Story and Monsters Inc to Moana and Frozen, the films available span decades. 

2 Marvel And Star Wars

As if that wasn’t enough, Disney now owns Star Wars and Marvel, as well as has a lucrative partnership with Pixar. That means all of the Star Wars trilogies and Avenger movies are also available to stream. The Mandalorian is a Disney+ original and well awaited Star Wars series. It was streamed 2 million times already!

1  Pricing Model

Disney+ is available for $6.99 a month or $69.99 for the year. The price of sharing your favorite movies and shows from childhood with your kids? Priceless. Disney most likely has a huge win on their hands. Debuting just in time for family holiday movies is another smart move. Disney...just take  all of my money.

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