15 Disney Stars Who Couldn't Stand Working With Each Other

Disney holds a special place in all our hearts, whether you've been a fan since childhood, or recently fallen in love with the countless live-action remakes, Disney can really do no wrong.

Although it appears Disney is a picture-perfect network, it appears it isn't as sweet as we once thought. Whether you were a fan of Suite Life Of Zack & Cody, High School Musical, That's So Raven or numerous other Disney hits, there was a lot happening behind the scenes that Disney kept secret.

Despite our thinking that Disney actors were all friends, it appears that wasn't the case whatsoever. Here are 15 Disney stars that hated working with each other!

15 Jake T. Austin & Selena Gomez

Despite these two being brother and sister on Disney's 'Wizards of Waverly Place' it appears they didn't always get along. The wizardly duo came head to head on Twitter once, making for quite an uncomfortable filming experience for the remainder of the series. Jake T. Austin shaded Selena on her role in 'Spring Breakers', and it's safe to say it didn't go over well with Selena, causing a rift between the two. Luckily for any 'Wizards' fans, the two have since moved on, and remain close friends now that the show is over.

14 Raven Symone & The Cheetah Girls

The Cheetah Girls were a Disney phenomenon! With countless films, movies and hit songs that had every tween and teen bopping to, the dynamic group were unstoppable at the time. Although the Cheetah Girls preached female empowerment, there were far too many big personalities for the group to deal with. Despite the budding friendship the girls displayed on-screen, rumours began circulating that the group didn't get along with Raven Symone due to her ever-growing success as a solo artist and actress on the hit show 'That's So Raven'. Despite their differences back in the day, the girls have since worked things out and have rekindled their friendship years later.

13 Miley Cyrus & Emily Osment

Next up on the list is two of our favourite on-screen besties, Miley and Lilly from 'Hannah Montana'. Despite the two being best of friends on television, it appears they were only ever acting after all. Miley Cyrus revealed in an interview that she and Emily Osment never actually got along on the show. The 'Party In The USA' singer revealed that no matter how much the two tried to be friends, it just never worked. Yikes, who would have thought? Not us, that's for sure!

12 Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez

If the epitome of Disney friendships could be found in two people, it would be Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. The two stars have been friends since childhood, even starring in 'Barney & Friends' together. Despite their long-lasting friendship, the two seemed to have grown apart after their roles on 'Princess Protection Program'. Many believe Demi and Selena began feuding when Gomez started getting close to country turn pop-star, Taylor Swift. Demi officially unfollowed Selena on social media, claiming how "people change and people grow apart". Ouch!

11 Bella Thorne & Zendaya

Bella Thorne and Zendaya starred on Disney's hit show 'Shake It Up' together before it's cancellation after season 3. Despite the show being at its all-time peak with the network, Disney decided to cancel the show, leadings fan to believe it was because the two stars weren't getting along. Although this wasn't the reason behind the show's cancellation, fans weren't too far off from the truth. Reports claim that the two women would fight for the spotlight quite often, making filming the show quite an uncomfortable experience for everyone. It appears the two were really 'shaking things up' on set!

10 Ashley Tisdale & Lucas Grabeel

There was really no better Disney duo than Sharpay and Ryan from 'High School Musical'. Although we would imagine that the on-screen brother and sister lived fabulously ever after, it appears the two hated working with one another. The two confirmed this a decade after the final 'High School Music' aired in 2008. Tisdale and Grabeel both agreed that the two did not get along and did in fact "hate each other". We must really commend these two on their acting skills because we would have never guessed they didn't get along.

9 Debby Ryan & Skai Jackson

These two Disney stars appeared on the popular show 'Jessie'. Although the two were friendly on-screen, it looks like things weren't so PG off-screen. Skai Jackson accused co-star Debby Ryan of "bullying" her back in 2015. Reports claim that Skai Jackson had a separate Twitter account where she spilled the beans on how Debby Ryan was really treating her. Fans weren't too happy to hear any of this, causing an even bigger rift between Ryan and Jackson.

8 Selena Gomez & Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus are technically considered Disney royalty, however, the two weren't princesses. Selena appeared on 'Suite Life', 'Hannah Montana' and 'That's So Raven' before landing her permanent role as Alex Russo on 'Wizards'. Reports claim that the two never liked working together as they both had a common interest, and that was Nick Jonas. Although the Disney duo kept things professional during their Disney days, they definitely didn't care for each other's company.

7 Cole Sprouse & Joe Jonas

This is definitely an unlikely pairing, but believe it or not, Joe Jonas and Dylan Sprouse feuded during their Disney days. Joe Jonas discussed the horrors of working with Disney with Vulture Magazine, throwing the network completely under the bus. One person that wasn't standing for it, was Dylan Sprouse. The 'Suite Life' star called out Jonas, claiming the band could have totally told Disney "no" at any time, calling total B.S on Jonas' statement.

6 Tim Allen & Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Although 'Home Improvement' wasn't directly on the Disney network, it's important to know that Disney owns ABC, which in turn is the same thing at the end of the day. To much surprise, this on-screen father and son duo was not as wholesome as we all thought. Tim Allen and co-star Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT) did not always get along. As the show progressed, JTT left the show a season early, and even refused to appear on the series finale to "focus on his studies", which definitely didn't go over well with Tim Allen.

5 Sprouse Twins & Selena Gomez

Although this "feud" didn't hold as much substance as others, it's still worth mentioning. Believe it or not, but Selena Gomez was Dylan Sprouse's first-ever kiss, however, it didn't take much time before the two grew up and apart from each other. In 2013, Dylan took to Twitter to call out Gomez for not following him or his brother on the social media platform, claiming she was "too good" for them now "just like when they were 12". Fans began speculating what Dylan meant by his tweet, leading many to believe something went down in the past.

4 Laura Marano & Ross Lynch

Laura Marano and co-star Ross Lynch star on Disney's show "Austin & Ally." Although the two appear to have a flawless relationship on-screen, it was revealed by Laura Marano herself that she and Ross Lynch fight "like a married couple" on set. The two often butt heads while working and although they still keep things professional on-set, it appears the two aren't that close when they clock out!

3 Lindsay Lohan & Hilary Duff

Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff are Disney royalty. From Lizzie McGuire to Lohan's countless hit-films with Disney, the two were at the peak of their careers, however, it didn't take much time before the two were at each other's throats. Duff and Lohan never got along, and it all comes down to one person, Aaron Carter. Both actresses had a fling with Carter, causing a rift between the two's friendship. The media at the time were pitting the two against one another, causing fans to ultimately pick sides.

2 Uriah Shelton & Rowan Blanchard

Uriah Shelton and Rowan Blanchard appeared on Disney's "Girl Meets World". Although the picture-perfect duo seemed to kick things off on-screen, they definitely didn't like each other when the cameras weren't rolling. Uriah Shelton revealed in an interview after having a restraining order issued against him from a woman unrelated to the show, how Rowan "didn't like me". Shelton made things very clear and confirmed that the two never actually go along during the filming of the show.

1 Dove Cameron & China Ann McClain

Dove Cameron and China Anne McClain both stars in the Disney hit "Descendants" and have both been making headlines that they are deep within a feud. Several online publications claim the two are "at odds" with one another, and have made things quite difficult during the filming of "Descendants 2". Cameron was quick to claim that these rumors weren't true, and for the sake of the show and it's fans, we hope that's true!

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