Disney’s ‘Bedtime Hotline’ Is Helping Parents Put Their Kids In Bed

Disney has rebooted their Bedtime Hotline, and parents are just as happy as the kids who get to hear from their favourite characters. Getting your kids in bed can be a huge task at times, especially if they’ve eaten some sugar or are too excited by the game they’re playing. It may not be the perfect solution, but the hotline can help coax them into bed.

In a recent survey, it was reported that 77% of American parents are exhausted by their kids’ bedtime routine. Some may be lengthier than others, but generally, parents have a hard time calming their overexcited kids and getting them to bed. With so much protesting and running around, it would be a miracle if a parent wasn’t exhausted every day.

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The Disney Bedtime Hotline is a toll-free number parents can call to get a special goodnight message from their kids' favourite characters. You would dial 1-877-7-MICKEY and press 2 to stop the advertising message asking if you'd like to opt-in to receive texts from their store. Once at the character menu, you have six choices: pressing 1 for Mickey Mouse, 2 for Woody, 3 for Princess Jasmine, 4 for Anna and Elsa, 5 for Yoda, and 6 for Spiderman. Each character will tell you about their day, then they'll start talking about how they're ready for bed.


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The kids love it, and each night, they look forward to getting a message from their favourite characters. In a way, it reminds them of the importance of getting some shut-eye. The messages the company crafted are designed to lull a child to sleep, and to a kid, there’s no better way to finally go to bed than getting a goodnight message from their most-loved Disney character.

The hotline, however, won’t last forever. In fact, the services are scheduled to end on September 30th—meaning parents will have to find some other kind of magic to put their kids in bed. Parents could record messages of their own if they’re good at imitating voices. They could pretend to be Yoda and tell their kids to “feel the force around you—like a blanket it is, hmmm!”

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