21 Disturbing Facts About Naruto Everyone Just Ignores

Naruto is that classic anime almost anyone has watched, at least snippets of it, or at least knows about. It has run its course for years and, personally, was one of the first animes I've watched back when I wasn't even aware I was a sucker for Japanese animation. It brings back many memories and continues to be a source of nostalgia for many. And although it does teach us many values, such as strength, friendship, hardships, and so on, it's also undeniably disturbing in many aspects.

Today, we're here to talk about 21 disturbing facts about Naruto that are creepy and, often, forgotten. Let's take a trip down memory lane and see Naruto in a different light.

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21 Sasuke & Sakura's Toxic Relationship

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Everything about Sasuke and Sakura's relationship was anything but healthy. Sasuke wanted to end her friend Naruto and threatened to destroy her home Konoha. He had abused her verbally non-stop, ignored her feelings, tried to end her multiple times and clearly had zero consideration for her. Of course, Sakura continued to love him and offered herself to him as soon as he apologized, despite all the hurt he put her through. Once married, he proceeds to abandon her with her child for the sake of a grand mission, not even keeping in touch with their daughter. Yeah, I get it, Sasuke is the brooding and tsundere type, but that's just plain toxic.

20 A Nightmare Of A Childhood

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It's obvious that Gaara wasn't a normal kid. In fact, he tried to stab himself with a knife several times to end himself, only to realize that he was unable to do so due to his impervious sand barrier. Like most of the other Jinchūriki, Gaara was also shunned by his village since due to the beast inside him, which affected his mental health immensely. The only person who even bothered to interact with him was Yashamaru, until the point where this so-called mentor tried to end Gaara. The worst part is that Yashamaru was ordered by Gaara's own father to end his son. Disturbing stuff.

19 A Rather Unethical Jutsu

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The Impure World Reincarnation technique is probably the most unethical jutsu in the entire Naruto series. Most of these souls experience rather peaceful perishments, but they are pulled from their eternal slumber to fulfill the wishes of their masters, a disturbing and jarring experience that must be as bad to watch as it is for the ones that passed. Not to mention, seeing someone you care for that had passed, come back to life and having to fight against them, must really do a number on your mental health.

18 The Reaper Death Seal

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The Reaper Death Seal is one of the most iconic jutsus in the Naruto universe, however, it's quite a disturbing one that couldn't be left out of this list. The Dead Demon Consuming Seal takes the life of both the user and the victim, but what's even worse is that these souls can never go to the afterlife either. Instead, their souls will be doomed to fight against each other for eternity. Could Naruto get any creepier?

17 Kids Are Nothing More Than An After-Thought

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In the Naruto universe, kids are seen as independent individuals who need no protection or guidance whatsoever in their lives. Ninja training starts incredibly early and are also sent off on dangerous missions from the get-go, as witnessed when The Third sent Naruto and gang into one such mission where they encountered high-ranking ninja in the form of Zabuza and Haku. It seems as though kids are nothing but an after-thought in the Naruto universe.

16 A Fight ‘Till Eternal Rest To Graduate

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The Village Hidden By The Mist is a dark and gloomy place filled with conflict.  The village has its own version of the chūnin exams as well, which is already bad enough to begin with. Of course, these exams are even more horrific than what one would expect. In Kirigakure, ninja graduates were actually forced to face each other in a fight to the end for no particular reason. This pretty much means only one ninja will graduate amidst all the others.

15 Turning People Into Voodoo Dolls

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One particular moment in the series that was as important as it was disturbing was when Kabuto decided to use the Edo Tensei to revive the bodies of many deceased great ninjas and use them as weapons. Many ninjas were turned into voodoo dolls/zombies, forced to fight old comrades and friends, while still preserving all memories of their lives and personalities. This was probably as excruciating for the deceased as it was for those that had to fight them in battle.

14 Hollowed-Out Bodies

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We all remember Sakura's fight with Sasori, right? Well, let's talk about Sasori for a second, shall we? When it comes to his puppets, the story turns sour really fast. It turns out that to attain such authentic puppets, the Akatsuki member actually hollowed out the bodies of his victims and prepared them accordingly so that they could serve his needs. This makes it so much more disturbing to think about the twisted mind behind such an act.

13 The Worst Night Of Sasuke’s Life

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I'll talk more about Itachi later on in this list but let's already establish that he uses and abuses of his genjutsu, which is one of the reasons why he is so messed up. However, what makes this even worse is how he has used it against his own brother, Sasuke. If that wasn't bad enough, Itachi makes Sasuke experience the worst day of his life for over 24 hours in his mind. It didn't last that long in real life, but Itachi's time-warping genjutsu makes things seem way longer than they actually are, which obviously made this experience all the more traumatic for Sasuke.

12 Kakashi’s Suffering

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One of the disturbing moments of the show is when Might Guy and Kakashi face off against Kisame and Itachi in one of the most intense battles that had occurred at the beginning of Naruto. Itachi manages to entrap Kakashi in his Tsukuyomi, and Kakashi enters a warped reality where he gets stabbed time and time again by Itachi, in a twisted form of mental attack that makes it hard for viewers to watch. While only a few seconds go in real life, due to Itachi's illusion, time is completely warped and several days go by with this repeated attack.

11 Naruto’s Torment

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It's common knowledge that many characters in the anime have pretty bad childhoods, causing emotional distress like no other, but Naruto probably has one of the worst ones. He was considered dangerous in his village due to the demon he possessed inside him and, as result, cast aside during his entire life, treated like an enemy and persecuted by many, to the extent of wanting to end his life. That's one messed up childhood.

10 Itachi Is A Messed Up Character

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Itachi is considered without doubt one of the best characters in the universe, but he also has a very dark and disturbing side that we simply can't ignore. The fact that he ended all the members of his clan without thinking twice, simply on the orders of the Leaf Village is one of the big red flags of this character, without forgetting how he abuses his genjutsu. If that wasn't bad enough, he also destroyed his lover quite effectively and without blinking twice.

9 Jiraiya’s Motivation To Mentor Naruto

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Jiraiya is probably one of the most beloved characters in the Naruto universe, and I can understand exactly why. He was one of the most powerful and funny characters in the show, but also one of the most creepy. Naruto had begged Jiraiya time and time again to become his mentor, but his efforts were fruitless. However, once he noticed the man's gross side, Naruto decided to use his famous move. It was watching a boy's feminine form that excited and motivated Jiraiya to mentor Naruto. Dwell on that for a second.

8 Stealing Eyes To Get Stronger

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By now, we understand just how disturbing the Naruto universe really is, but could it be taken further? The answer is yes, we just have to remind ourselves the fact that the Uchiha have to steal the eyes of their kin to grow stronger. Not only will this improve one's eyesight by a considerable margin, but it will also provide them with the power of an eternal Mangekyō, that will ensure the preservation of their eyesight for a long time. But why go to such lengths though?

7 Fiction Turned Reality

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Apparently, a young boy named Cody Polter was killed by his friends as they tried to recreate a famous jutsu seen on the show. Cody’s friends buried him headfirst in sand and later his body, in an attempt to mimic Gaara’s signature move Sand Coffin, a move that envelops his enemies and then essentially crushes them. I have no idea why a child would even attempt something as dangerous as that, but media affects mental health and thoughts in various ways. Don't try this at home kids.

6 Disturbing Meal Tastes

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Choji is a member of team 10 of Konoha, and is known for his expanding jutsu, a technique that requires him to be well-fed and keep body fat, since it relies on his mass. Of course, this is a character that adores food and snacks, and we almost never see him without food or without being hungry for it. However, at one point, Choji wanted to eat Kiba’s dog. Akamaru is Kiba’s companion and often helps him out in a fight, and when Choji first met him he commented that he looked pretty tasty.

5 Fatal Chunin Exams

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We all know Chunin exams are not a piece of cake but they are, in fact, quite fatal. With that being said, it's very disturbing to imagine that, in the Naruto universe, it's okay for children to pass away while training to become ninjas and defend their village. There are even some downright creepy locations where these exams take question, such as the Forest of Death, filled with fatal creatures, that definitely are not child-friendly.

4 A Nine-Tailed Fox Demon Child

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We all know Naruto's story and how Kurama, the nine-tailed fox demon, was sealed away in his body when he was a baby, but did you know that Kishimoto’s original plan for Naruto’s origin was a little different? In fact, Naruto was actually going to be a fox demon that took the form of a young boy. And the nine-tailed fox demon was going to be his father. It's too creepy to even imagine!

3 A Villain That (Almost) Couldn’t Be Beat

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Did you know that there was a point in time when Kishimoto wasn’t sure how to have Madara defeated? He basically had created a villain that was so powerful in this world that he wasn’t sure how to actually stop him. Of course, Madara was eventually defeated after an intensely long battle, but it took the efforts from practically every character to take him down. That's how powerful and scary Madara was...

2 A Different Hokage

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The anime's main focus was always Naruto's journey to become Hokage of Konoha and protect his village, however, this wasn't always Kishimoto's idea for where the manga/anime would be headed. In fact, he played around with the idea of having Sasuke become the Hokage instead. He had thought about this idea from the very beginning. This is likely why toward the end of the series, Sasuke says that he’ll try to become Hokage.

1 Jashinism: A Terrifying Religion

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Jashinism is probably one of the most intense and disturbing religions in any shonen anime. A religion which asks for its adherers to provide a blood sacrifice and even glorifies the ultimate defeat of innocents is very disturbing indeed. We only meet one devotee of this religion, Hidan, but there is sure to be many more out there. Makes us think what someone who follows such religion is really capable of...

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