Exclusive "The Umbrella Academy" Has One Of The Most Diverse Casts On TV

Netflix superhero show The Umbrella Academy has officially been renewed for season two. It is one of the most diverse shows on television, and it quickly became a fan favorite after its February debut.

The first season was well received and was much talked about online as fans shared theories and their favorite scenes. The hourlong drama/comedy/action show tells the story of seven adopted siblings raised by an eccentric billionaire, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who were being trained to save the world. Six of the seven Hargreeve siblings have superpowers that they were taught to use in order to form a team called The Umbrella Academy.

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Each sibling was spontaneously born to a woman who showed no signs of pregnancy until they gave birth. That happened to 43 women and Sir Reginald Hargreeves set out to buy all of these children but was only able to purchase/adopt seven of them. He ended up collecting a rainbow of children who greatly represent the diverse world we live in today.

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The refreshingly diverse cast boasts Hispanic, black, and Asian members as part of the main cast. This is seriously groundbreaking. Not only are they part of the cast, but they also play family.

We were able to interview star Justin Min who portrays Ben who is also sibling number four. His character Ben just so happens to be deceased in the present but we don't know how or when he died...at least not yet.

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Justin was able to tell us how he got the role, his thoughts on the series, and his hopes for a second season. He also opened up about being an Asian-American and how proud he was to part of a show that looked for actors that fit the roles. Not the ones who fit the tired molds of white superheroes.

With the official announcement for season two done, the excitement of waiting for it begins.  The series is based on a graphic novel written by Gerard Way. Yes, the same Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. There are three complete volumes so there are still a lot of stories to cover.

We can appreciate that Netflix cast unknown and diverse actors for the roles. David Castañeda is Mexican-American and plays Numer Two/Diego Hargreeves while Emmy Raver-Lampman is bi-racial and plays Number three/Alison Hargreeves. We also can't forget to mention Number Five/Klaus' flamboyancy that is accepted by all of his siblings. Showing people of color in positive roles and loving one another goes further in life than we seem to think.

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Children of all colors love to see themselves represented and it's important to show that just because you don't lookalike doesn't mean you can't be family.

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As fans ourselves, we can't wait until season two premieres. Knowing Netflix, it will probably be a long wait but there are so many questions that need to be answered. Is Vanya ok? Will The Umbrella Academy save the world? How did Ben die and is he ok? Will Klaus pull himself together?

We'll just have to wait and see.










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