DIY Airplane Survival Kit - Taking Comfort To New Heights

It's 10 pm on a Thursday night, you shift in your seat, trying to keep your left foot from falling asleep. A 7-year-old digs his sneaker into the back of your chair. The man beside you is trying to show you blurry pictures of his cat on his iPhone. A baby screams. The captain announces over the PA system that you won't be taking off for another 15 minutes. Your cozy couch and Netflix account calls to you and you think to yourself: "Why did I decide to go home for the weekend?"

Travelling can be brutal, especially when you are crammed onto an airplane with a hundred or so perfect strangers. I don’t care if you are flying first class, anyone who comes off an airplane looking perfect is not to be trusted.

That being said, over the past few years, I have spent quite a lot of time on airplanes, whether it has been to visit friends or to go home for the holidays. During these trips, I have developed an “Airplane Survival Kit” which contains some essential items that I bring with me to make flying a bit more relaxing.

Here is what to put in your own airplane survival kit to keep you feeling fresh and cozy on any sky-high journey!

Earplugs: A man behind you who is snoring, a screaming baby, someone playing Candy Crush with the sound on. Don't you wish you could just drown it out?! Earplugs are a super easy fix to this problem, these inexpensive little babies will drown out the chaos of an airplane and help you focus on some well deserved R&R.

An Eyemask: Close your eyes, pop on this eye mask and forget where you are for a little while! Pair this with some earplugs and you won't even notice that you are on a plane.

Headphones: Everyone knows the dread that sets in when you are all ready to go with your music and realize you have forgotten your headphones. Having a set of headphones that are dedicated to your travel kit will ensure that you always have a pair on hand for those long journeys. 

A Neck Pillow: Although these pillows may seem a bit dorky they make a world of difference to your comfort level when it comes to a long travel day. Being able to take a snooze without hurting your neck is a total game changer.

Face Moisturizer/ hand cream: Planes can be very stuffy and dry. I find that when I am traveling, my skin becomes very dry and irritated. I make sure to stock my travel kit with moisturizer to make sure that I am feeling and looking fresh when I get off the plane.

Ginger Candies: These are so essential for anyone who suffers from motion sickness. I have tried many things to stop feeling sick on airplanes but Ginger Candies have been a life-saver! These candies are not only tasty, they totally take away any nausea I have when flying or taking the train.

Toothpaste and Toothbrush: Are you flying to meet someone special? Have a meeting later in the afternoon? Keep your smile on point by brushing up after getting off the plane.

Chapstick/Lipgloss: Touch up your lipgloss or chapstick to enhance your "effortless" travel style.

Pocket Mirror: To make sure that lipgloss goes on jusssst right. 

Pack these essentials into a cute makeup bag and voila! You have created the perfect airplane survival kit. Just remember to make sure all your moisturizers or other liquids are under the 100ml requirements. Happy Travels!

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