Celebrate International Coffee Day With This DIY Energizing Coffee Body Scrub

Happy International Coffee Day! To celebrate everyone's favorite morning cuppa' here is a recipe for my Energizing Coffee Body Scrub so you can get your coffee fill in more ways than one!

This body scrub is meant to hydrate and energize the skin. Many studies have shown that coffee provides a tightening effect on the skin and reduces inflammation. Using sugar as a natural exfoliant and coffee as a skin pick-me-up this scrub will leave any skin type feeling refreshed and baby soft! Best of all, this scrub is made with all natural ingredients, you could eat it if you really wanted to.

The inspiration for this recipe comes from Sarah at Offbeat&Inspired who posted a recipe for a similar body scrub a few years back. My recipe incorporates a few of my personal touches to get the perfect spicy and aromatic coffee sugar scrub.

What you will need: 

½ cup coconut oil1 cup medium ground coffee ( I used a coarse, dark roast coffee to get a very deep rich coffee aroma but you can use any kind of coffee you like!)1 cup white sugar ( Some people prefer raw sugar but I find it too harsh on my skin)1 tbsp olive oil1 tsp vanilla extract & 1 tsp ground cinnamon

Step 1. In a microwave-safe bowl, Melt the coconut oil in the microwave making sure it does not get too hot. If it is too warm the oil will dissolve the sugar in your scrub... not good.

Step 2. Once it is melted, mix the liquid coconut oil with the coffee, sugar and olive oil in another bowl.

Step 3. Add your vanilla extract to your coffee, sugar, oil mixture. You can also use a vanilla bean if you want a stronger fragrance.

Step 4. Stir in your ground cinnamon for an extra kick and aroma.

Step 5. Transfer scrub to jars for gifting or simply apply to skin straight away. If you are using this right away make sure to have a shower or run warm water over your skin beforehand to open the pores and maximize the effect of this scrub.

When I tried this scrub my skin immediately felt softer and less puffy. I also loved the coffee smell that stuck around afterward. The only thing I didn't like was how the coconut oil made my skin oily for quite some time after using the scrub. The next time I make this scrub I will make sure to wash off the scrub with a gentle soap to make sure my pores don't get clogged with the oil.

As a side note, I had some extra scrub laying around after I made this so I filled a small teacup with the mixture and nestled a tealight into it. The burning candle warmed the coffee and made my house smell amazing all day!

Happy International Coffee Day everyone!

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