Create Your Own Food Photography Studio With This Easy DIY

Calling all aspiring food bloggers out there! I am going to teach you a super simple way to make your own DIY food photography studio that will not cost you a ton of time or money.

When I first started my blog:  www.thewhiskingwitch.com I knew how important it was to have really good pictures but I did not have the money or equipment for a fancy photography studio. Luckily, with inspiration from other amazing food bloggers, I was able to create a DIY studio where I can take beautiful food photos. The best part? I didn't even need to buy anything.

What you will need:

A camera ( I use a simple Pentax DSLR but for a long time I was using my phone camera on my Samsung and it worked great!).

A small table or stool.

A piece of white cardboard.

A kitchen chair.

A large window or sliding door ( somewhere that lets in a lot of light).

Your food!

Extras: A funky placemat, cute dishes, and utensils, a tripod.

The Setup

To set up your studio, you must first keep in mind that the most important part of good food photography is having access to natural light. Once you have a bit of cash to spend you can buy some strobe bulbs for shooting but until then, natural light will be your best friend.

You will want to position your table right in front of your source of light. Next, position your chair behind the table so that the back faces the table ( see the below image).



Next, prop your white piece of cardboard on the table so that it leans against the chair back. This will act as your "bounce board" which will reflect light back on your subject ( the food) and get rid of any harsh shadows.

Now you are ready to set up your food! for this bit feel free to get creative by adding props such as a nice colored background or some funky dishes. I like to add plants and nice utensils to my layout for an added flair.

Now just add your food and you are all set! Here are some limes I took photos of in my own DIY studio set up.

Via The Whisking Witch

What I love about this DIY Studio is that you can customize it how you like and it gives you the flexibility to shoot from different angles. Pretty soon you will have pro photos that look good enough to eat!

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