Make Your Own Pygmy Puff! 10 DIY Harry Potter Monster Plushies

The expansive world of Harry Potter is filled with an abundance of magical creatures that make life more entertaining and sometimes dangerous. Although it isn’t as simple as apparating into a cooler universe, there are adorable plushies that we can craft to make us feel that we’re a bit closer to our wizarding homes. Everything from kindred Pygmy Puffs to cheeky Nifflers are popping up in DIY projects to let us know that all is not lost! Their sweet faces can be crocheted or cut from fabric, and if you’re not sure of where to begin on that, there are plenty of patterns out there to guide the way.

These monsters and friends do not require a lesson in Care of Magical Creatures, but it would be nice to learn those things just in case. Unlike the chaos that ensued in the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, all of these plushies are safe to bring around the city, and will not shock and confuse residents who are unaware of the realm of magic. Trying your hand in creating your own fuzzy art piece is always a great time, but for those who question their skills, there are also Etsy shops listed where you can order them as fully finished masterpieces.

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10 Pygmy Puff

These vibrant creatures are probably one of the easiest Harry Potter universe DIY projects. They require nothing more than a giant fluffy pom-pom and a cute face. They are typically known to be either pink or purple, but there’s really no limit with magical creatures. The Pygmy Puff is actually a much tinier version of a creature called a Puffskein. They’re scavengers who are supposedly easy to care for, which should mean that the Pygmy Puffs are also a delight to keep as pets. Check out this link to find out how to design one for yourself!

9 Mandrake

These fascinating creatures are not exclusive to the Harry Potter franchise because they are actually a real type of plant. Legends say that when the mandrake root is pulled out of the ground, it screams intensely enough to cause fatality to its listeners. This might not be true in our world, but they are dangerous at Hogwarts. However, you can spare yourself the need for protective earmuffs with this adorable crocheted mandrake! It requires no effort to keep it alive but does take an understanding of the art of crochet to develop. The pattern for crafting your own screaming plant friend can be found at this link.

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8 Monster Book of Monsters

Reading books is an amazing way to educate yourself and dive into another universe, but sometimes they can be a bit static. The Monster Book of Monsters will save you from having to monotonously turn each page, but you might lose your page turning hands in the process. Never forget to gently pet the spine of this book before attempting to open it, and try to remember the information inside lest you bother it too often. However, even with its bared teeth and many eyes, this monster is still cute, and you’ll enjoy creating it. Follow this link to work on your own book!

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7 Niffler

Walking around the beach with a metal detector is outdated and generally strange. Nifflers are an adorable way to detect shiny items like loose change, but you shouldn't count on having it all returned to you. They store a variety of cool items in their pouch, and this particular Niffler looks as if he’s getting ready to claim more fortunes. They’re generally known as being sweet and their charming faces could draw anyone into handing over their valuables. These curious friends sort of looks like a cross between a platypus and a mole. If you’re interested in this strange creature, you can check out this Etsy shop.

6 Cornish Pixie

These tricky creatures enjoy playing practical jokes on unsuspecting witches and wizards. Mischief will never be managed once you bring one of them into your household, but they sure are cute. When crafting your Pixie you can opt to add wings or leave them out entirely. Supposedly able to fly without wings, but they were added in the films. Pixies cannot communicate with anyone except fellow pixies, so it might be best to make these as a pair. Their typical height is about eight inches tall, which is the perfect size for wreaking miscellaneous havoc. Check out this link to conjure up your blue pals.

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5 Fluffy

What’s better than a dog? Probably nothing, but a three-headed dog is triple the love. Fluffy wasn’t always the most welcoming pet, but a bit of music could soothe this beast and ease him into a deep slumber. This plush version of Fluffy probably won’t be great at protecting your precious stones, but it is cute enough to distract any thieves long enough to prevent their mischievous efforts. In mythology, the Cerberus is a three-headed hound known for guarding the gates of the Underworld, and it looks quite similar to Fluffy. Check out this site to learn how to make your own.

4 Doxy

This creature is regarded as a pest in the Wizarding World and is known to have a venomous bite. Similarly to the insects of our reality, Doxies have the ability to infest homes and are attracted to drapes. Their extra pairs of slender arms and legs, combined with wings, give them the appearance of a fairy, but they are not to be confused with one. Instead of allowing your home to be overrun with pests that live in the curtains, you can purchase your own innocuous Doxy. The combination of their black hair and purple wings is beautiful, and even their grumpy expressions look cute in this plush. Follow this Etsy link to grab your own.

3 Hedwig

Owls are magical regardless of the world that they exist in. Hedwig is known as a gentle creature that delivered messages to Harry, and her sweet face is a welcoming sight for sore eyes. She served him well throughout the years, and now she can be the perfect addition to your home. This design is simple and cute, with Hedwig offering a message that thankfully does not look like a Howler. Her loving eyes and heart-shaped face are sewn onto her snowy white body that also resembles a ghost. If you want to see the process that the artist took to make this craft, you can head to this link.

2 Chocolate Frog

Sugar is delicious, and it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate that is shaped in a fun way. While the Chocolate Frogs in the Wizarding World might be a bit daunting to eat, this one is more for aesthetics. After the Pygmy Puff DIY, this one is probably the second easiest to recreate. This link will give you options on creating the outer box. The frog’s body itself seems to be made out of brown felt, brown thread, and two black eyes that you can either sew or glue on. It might not taste great, but at least it’s stationary.

1 Dobby

Everything in this photo is the perfect way to celebrate a new baby. The banner complete with an owl, lightning bolts, and a Golden Snitch.  The Sorting Hat plushie, a Gryffindor blanket, and Dobby the House Elf plushie comprise an amazing welcome party. In fact, a person of any age could appreciate this, but anyone past infancy will definitely need a bigger blanket. Having an endearing House Elf would probably make parenting a breeze, but, for now, we can settle for an adorable crocheted one instead. Dobby looks much more comfortable with this job position, and you can find the person who crafted these items on Etsy.

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