10 Adorable DIY Pet Halloween Costumes

It may only be July, but it's never too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes, especially if you're trying to make them yourself. Costumes are a fun thing to make but they can be time-consuming and more difficult than you may have originally thought. If you have a pet, you also have to think about what kind of cute little costume your furry friend is going to wear when Halloween comes around. There's no way that your pet isn't going to be in costume because a pet in disguise is the cutest pet of all!

Here are a few easy-to-make costume ideas for the pets in your life. Plus, it's never too early to think of ideas and to look at pictures of cute pets in costumes!

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10 A Beanie Baby

Turning your beloved pet into a Beanie Baby is a quick and easy way to make your fur baby look great for Halloween. All you need are scissors, poster board, markers, and some ribbon to turn your regular adorable furry friend into a one-of-a-kind, super rare collector's item. Fill out the inside of the Beanie Baby tag with the name and details of your pet for an added element of adorableness.

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9 A Purr-fect Baked Potato

via: Pinterest

Ever since Chipotle started giving free burritos to anyone dressed up like a burrito, wrapping oneself in tinfoil on Halloween has been more popular than ever before. If you want a cool costume for your pet for the holiday and you don't have too many craft supplies, then a baked potato may be the right way to go.

Just get some aluminum foil and wrap it around an old pillow with the stuffing coming out (or make your own if you have some extra time!) Add in a few green onions and some bacon, and that pet will be looking delicious.

8 Spider Pets

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Nothing says Halloween better than some spooky, crawly spiders, and while not many people like cuddling up with a real giant spider, most people wouldn't mind snuggling up with a spider dog. Attach some more "legs" to your four-legged friend and they will instantly become a whole lot spookier. These spider costumes are very cute, but let's all be glad that real spiders don't get that big.

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7 Fancy Drink For A Fancy Dog

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Having to wear the cone of shame is no fun, but it does make the perfect shape of a martini glass which makes for a great costume. The costume pretty much just makes itself–all that is needed are a few handmade olives. These people seemed to have used green floral foam balls for the olives and cut out red felt circles for the inside part. In just a few easy steps you can have a hilarious costume!

6 The Perfect Side-Kick

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Halloween costumes are great when you're rocking them solo, but it's always more fun when you have a buddy with whom to create your costume. This Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf combo is perfect and it's very easy to make. Find the most old-lady things in the closet and put them on the dog and the costume is done! There are a bunch of other pair costumes that would also be very fun like Dorothy and Toto, Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, or Scooby Doo and Shaggy.

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5 A Classic Witch

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Some people like to go above and beyond on their Halloween costumes, but the classics are still the best. Even for your smallest pets, a costume can be done–like this cute little hedgehog witch. Sometimes all you need to do for the perfect pet costume is to go and make a tiny hat for your tiny friend. It's a classic look, and putting on a hat is definitely easier than getting a furry friend to put on clothes.

4 Cosplay Works Too

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For all of you nerdy pet owners out there, cosplay is another way to go. Any pet in a superhero costume or dressed up like someone from Star Wars will make everyone else on the street say, "Awww!" as you and your pet walk by. Not only are the bigger animals able to wear cool cosplays of their owner's favorite characters–even the smallest of reptiles can get in on this nerdy fun. For the small pets out there, just cut up a few pieces of felt together (and maybe a pipe cleaner lightsaber if necessary) and fit it on your tiny friend. They'll definitely be the coolest cat (or dog or rodent or reptile) in the room.

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3 Pirates

via: Pinterest

If you don't have a lot of time or a lot of crafting materials, or if you just really like pirates, then a pirate costume for the pet in your life might be a good option. It doesn't require much–at the bare minimum, all you need is an eyepatch and a red bandana to really capture the look. Other things like a pirate vest and a fake sword will really enhance that thieving pirate look.

2 A Puppuchino

via: Pinterest

For anyone who knows someone who loves Starbucks, you know that they are absolutely obsessed with it, to the point of dressing up their dog as a pumpkin spice latte for Halloween. Even for non-coffee drinkers, this costume is an adorable and easy costume to make for your furry friend. Just get some poster board or foam to wrap around your pet, and then paint the Starbucks logo on the back of it. Top it all off with a latte lid and you have yourself the cutest Starbucks cup ever.

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1 The Cat In The Hat

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This costume is perfect for any cat that doesn't like to deal with a high-maintenance outfit while also keeping it very true to the character description. The tall red and white striped hat will be fairly simple and fun to make–you can crochet it, sew it together, or just make it out of cardboard, really. After making the hat, add a bow tie and some white booties and you have a way cuter version of the Cat in the Hat, not the kind of scary one from the Mike Meyers movie.

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