DIY? More Like DI Why - 15 People Shouldn't Have Bothered With The Effort

DIYs—they’re recipes for comedic moments of self-humiliation that make us question why we thought we could create like the pros. The internet is filled with photos that capture the strange outcomes of various projects, and despite the laughter that ensues, we should know better than to compare ourselves with DIY veterans.

It takes time to achieve the baking, fixing, and designing skills that are pinned to craft boards across all social platforms, and while some people make it look easy, the bottom line is this: it isn’t. While we should congratulate ourselves for attempting these projects in the first place, the best part is that we get to share our shortcomings online, allowing everyone to partake in the confusion. Whether we're laughing with them or at them, we're still laughing. Where did it all go wrong? Everywhere.

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15 Nuclear Chickplosion

Is this what animals start to look like after nuclear power plants erupt? Some great minds think alike, and even greater minds are physically linked to one another through chemical disaster. If we look closely, we can actually hear them scream-chirping their way out of the baking sheet.

Despite the fact that they’re still managing to somehow be adorable, the sunburn on these conjoined, weeping chicks is worrisome. Hopefully aloe gel goes well with whatever flavor this bread is, because it’s going to take a lot to remedy these questionably baked friends of ours. On the bright side, it still looks delicious, like the perfect pull-apart treat, with just a touch of claustrophobia.

It’s true that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes. And sometimes it comes in the shape and size of a sandcastle after it’s been kicked down by beachgoers who cannot seem to mind where they are going. Apparently, birds aren’t meant to eat bread and other baked goods, but it would be hard to keep the seagulls away from these lookers. The person who made these guys gave it their best effort, and their faces show the blood, sweat, and tears that went into them quite literally.

14 Lightweight Hanger

We’ve all been there—the instructions are right in front of us, but we just don’t care. However, it could be common sense to realize that a hanger is not the proper fixture to hold a set of light bulbs. Potentially life threatening, and at the very least a heavy blow to one's social status, this DIY combines that hallway closet feel with that moment of genius. And then breaks down both of them.

Hangers are barely good at holding onto our clothes, so they probably will not fair well when tasked with maintaining light bulbs. This will also force us to look directly into the light anytime we happen to gaze upon the ceiling, which might happen more often than one would think.

Fun fact: there’s an entire Craigslist section devoted to free items, and rather than hanging our lights up like this, we can just claim one of the listings? Of course this comes with the risk of sketchy territory, but simply existing is already sketchy in itself. Anyway, maybe this actually does work. Has anyone ever seen ads where people rent out actual closets as rooms? If that’s the case here, it’s a perfect fixture, and I’ve tarnished its style.

13 Handle It

Do you love turning doorknobs, and feel as if you just don’t get enough opportunities throughout the day? Then you're in luck! Because this could be the solution for someone like you! With this new door handle for cars, everyone gets a turn (especially thieves who carry around spare bobby pins)! There’s nothing like the invigorating feeling of gripping a doorknob, and twisting it ever so slightly until the door of your choice gives way. Who wants a boring old handle that you'd see on some standard car? You're not standard, so why should your car be, right??

Also, if you get a knob like this, it comes in so many more finishes and styles than your typical car door handle.

This one truly allows the innovative driver to express themselves. Occasionally, the entire handle will fly off, forcing you to roll underneath the body of your car to obtain it while potentially sustaining injuries. It is truly a sight to behold for onlookers, and if you love attention, this will get you more than you thought possible. Next, consider replacing the driver’s seat with your recliner, and replace the roof with a baking sheet for that all-in-one homey feel.

12 No Tree, No Shade

You can’t miss the mark for a DIY idea if you never try in the first place! Is that plain, store brand mustard holding those splintered twigs to the lampshade? Why is it against the grass? It's almost as if the person wants to trap innocent ant families in their home décor for centuries to come. If they were going to pick a lamp to enact this leftover-condiment-packets-meets-camping DIY on, it’s hard to imagine why they picked one with plastic crystal ornaments.

There’s no theme here. And unless you’ve always wanted to adorn your home with an accent that is the shade of baby vomit, this isn’t a great choice. Buffalo Bill’s lampshade made out of flesh is probably a better styling option.

Maybe you can make some money off of it if you sell it on eBay to people who love furniture that was created by hardened criminals. It looks close enough to what they’d make anyway, and lying is acceptable in this circumstance. The main thing to remember when doing a project like this is to be delicate with glue, but of course, art is subjective. Is it lying on the ground because the weight of its defeat is too great a burden to handle? That poor lamp.

11 Bar-Pee-Cue

Depending on your sense of humor and interest in repurposing your household appliances, then this idea might be a win. Aside from its price (do you really want to pay nearly a grand to eat off of someone else’s waste receptacle?), this is a great conversation piece for your next barbecue. It’s a good thing that the marketplace allows you to “ask about availability,” because you want to get this hot item before it’s gone! Cooking on a traditional grill is expensive, and half the time you just pay for the name.

Who makes this toilet? 

We have no idea, and we don’t want our appliances to be tiny billboards anyway. Charcoal kind of resembles the typical matter that goes into toilets anyway, so it all comes full circle. This barbecue toilet is an art piece that marries form and function, questionable with practical, and a side of peas with the residue of pee. Luckily there’s no competition in this very specific niche, so the creators of this fine invention will be coming into their fame and fortune very soon. If you’re still not sold on it, just bookmark this beauty for later. Perhaps you can assemble it yourself if you’re a true crafter.

10 The Monkey, The Baker, The Candlestick Placer

Monkey see, but monkey definitely did not do. Your attention might immediately be drawn to the black mucus that is supposed to be icing. Or was it the Coraline-esque button eyes that caught your attention? Is one of Van Gogh’s ears glued to this cake? If anything, it does have a better smile than the original, which looks nervous at the fact that he is about to be consumed.

The sprinkle hair is definitely more delicious than real hair, which wouldn’t be a surprising find on this cake. The person who made this seemed to put their best efforts in, and that’s the real win here. Also, the birthday child is only turning one, so they're sure to appreciate this melted jungle masterpiece.

i'll admit that it's difficult to get icing onto a cake without destroying it. But this one looks like they threw the decorations on when the cake was fresh out of the oven, forcing heat to tear down any semblance of artistic talent. All is not lost, though! It might taste spectacular, and it’s what’s on the inside that counts. However, giving your one year old a fresh banana would have been the better option. Unless you're starting them on the sugar addiction early. That’s okay, cavities don’t count if they’re in baby teeth.

9 From The Trunk To The Wood

All of these years of high school wood shop classes really paid off! Or did they? Was that only in old teen movies? Auto repair shops are known for lying and taking your money, so why bring your car to them when you can just fix it yourself? It’s always good to keep wood near the inner workings of your car, and don’t worry if gasoline manages to get onto the planks. It’s not like it’s flammable or anything, right? Take caution with splinters, as they might destroy all of your tires. Unfortunately, those cannot be replaced with wood.

Or perhaps Fred Flintstone got it right, and you actually can use materials like stones and wood to make a car!

In that case, why not kick a hole through the floor of the driver’s side and use your feet to get to your destination? It’s cheaper than gas, better for the environment and there’s no risk that your car will go up in flames! It’s just one solution to saving the environment that we’ve all been waiting for, and this person is halfway there. I wonder if they’ll go on to replace all of the other parts of the car this way as time goes on. Perhaps they could hack off a piece of the kitchen table, or glue marble countertops on for some varying texture.

8 Cakerpillar

She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s sugar-filled with a melting face! Why does the original photo look so simple, but is actually so hard to achieve? Luckily, smashed cupcakes taste just as delicious as their well-presented counterparts, so this whole mess can be redeemed.

It might also be a bad idea to teach children to consume brightly colored caterpillars, as those are the most poisonous ones out there i think. There was once a children’s book called How to Eat Fried Worms, so what makes you think that kids are not interested in devouring an insect that looks like a worm with many legs?

Perhaps we caught these cupcakes in the middle of their transformation, and they are about to go into their cocoon oven to emerge as a beautiful butterfly! Metamorphosis is probably a strange process that looks similar to these cupcakes anyway. If the person was ashamed of their creation, they could just say that they dropped the tray.

It could easily pass as an honest accident, and no one would refuse fallen cupcakes. Even if they surpassed the five-second rule, they’re cupcakes! Whether you’re having them after the Jaws of Life have crushed them, or once they’ve become stale on the kitchen counter, they’re made out of sugar. How bad can that be?

7 Bring Your Own Danger

Safety glasses might be expensive, but for the cost of rescinding any semblance of protection against danger, you can experience the priceless moments of a hospital visit. This is an especially innovative way to craft a layer against those sparks, because you have the risk of not only getting them in your eyes (still), but also suffocating. Which will come first? At first glance it looks like he at least has gloves on, but that actually appears to be grease from working on this project.

Hopefully the plaid shirt will offer safety, using its checkered pattern to fend off any stray sparks.

Perhaps there was no time to waste in heading out to the store to get the proper equipment. When you feel inspired, it's only natural that you feel the need to try it right then and there, and there’s no way around it. Anyway, plastic obviously does not melt when it comes into contact with heat, so it’s not like this bag would melt to your face, right? Perhaps there are instructions on it that say it is specifically not intended for this use, and this person is a rebel. Defying plastic bags will only get you so far before the emergency room starts to gossip about your questionable choices.

6 The Hunchback Of Neverland

It’s like an edible puzzle, but when you put all the pieces together they still don’t create anything that resembles the intended image. A sprinkling of fairy dust might not even be able to resurrect this one. Are those two black dots supposed to be her eyes, or just severely burnt pancake bits?

It might be hard to fly if your wings are stuck to your neck, which doesn't actually exist because it has been fused to your chest. I’ve heard of scrambled eggs, but scrambled pancakes aren't quite as fun. At least Tinkerbell is feeling patriotic despite all the chaos. She’s got a nice golden arm to match her blonde Elvis-inspired locks, and that’s a fair design feature. At least she has a cool pose going on, and she looks fairly confident. Or is that the look of confusion?

Regardless, this is definitely a look, even if I’m not sure exactly what look I’m looking at. All that matters is the effort, and with some syrup and a blindfold, this pancake is probably amazing. You won’t even be able to taste the broken wings! Lastly, are those circles supposed to be the pom-poms on her shoes? They look like the eyes of a frog that has effectively melted onto her dress. Hopefully the relationship is symbiotic.

5 Liquid Nope

When it’s too strenuous to open the soap dispenser and refill it, and too simple to leave the new soap bottle on the sink, you definitely need to try this. As soon as the fresh lemon scent hits your skin, you’ll stop questioning why this is real. The soap is on there so securely that it looks like it’ll be too hard to remove. So another one will probably be piled on top. Should it even matter what the soap dispenser looks like as long as you’re practicing good hygiene?

Perhaps that's only a paper towel dispenser, and if that’s the case, then this still wouldn’t make much sense.

It is a nice two-in-one idea, though. Y'know, in case you want to pour soap into your hands and, instead of rinsing it off, just rub it into paper towels. Water-free washing sounds like a new and unhealthy way to cleanse one's hands. Hopefully, the workers are sticking to the “all employees must wash their hands” policy. Perhaps they should just superglue hand sanitizer to their arms instead. It’s a great way to score points with those around you, because everyone needs on-the-go hygiene at some point. Other additions could include lotion and contact solution. It’s the new purse!

4 Abstract Aquatic

Turtles have intricate and beautiful shells that protect them from oncoming danger, such as turtles made out of jagged glass with beady eyes. Hopefully the person who made this project didn’t cut themselves when they shattered the glass that turned into this questionable turtle. Perhaps it was made out of leftover pieces, but that seems too reasonable to be true. The broken shards on the side tell a different tale.

Hopefully they don’t set this guy free, or he might end up in the stomach of some marine creature who was feeling hungry during their swim. The shell is one of the most confusing parts, and it’s a wonder if the person who made this actually attempted to craft this gentle beauty, or just threw glass at the wall until it came out to resemble literally anything at all.

It’s like when you look up to the clouds to try to find recognizable shapes, except this one is still not easy to decipher. However, turtles are awesome, so they might get some points just for that fact alone. If you would like to recreate this, try using clay, or some other soft and malleable material. That way you can safely smash your hand into it when it turns out like this.

3 The Incredible Torso

This is why you shouldn't skip leg day. The Hulk’s face says it all—a sea of shock and confusion, wondering what happened to his lower body. Are these the people who stand in Times Square, waiting for tourists to approach them to take photos, only to ask for cash and prizes in return or else delete the photo for all eternity? Perhaps tourists really love the comedic value in this costume, and appreciate the effort that went into creating such a look.

However, the person in the suit could have at least painted their legs green to match.

Where’s the extra mile here? Maybe they just squat when they’re getting ready for a photo, and it looks as if Hulk’s body has been Hulk-smashed right into the ground because he cannot step gingerly enough. I can picture it now: a photo of you and the Hulk, emerging from the sewers of New York City just in time to smile and pose. His mouth suddenly twists into a look of uncertainty, but you have no idea because you’re staring down into your friend’s new camera, getting your angles right. You stand there and take the photo that will blow up your mentions online.

2 Whose Origami Is It Anyway?

Origami is no easy feat, but making a piece of paper look like a pale alien crawling out of a bathtub is pretty impressive in itself. Unless that wasn't what you were going for, in which case it is not the best feat. However, a homophone for feat is feet, and this work of art has the potential to look like a claw foot bathtub.

Add a few more arms in there and paint it radioactive colors, and you might have a new nemesis for some action characters, or the next monster to star in a Netflix Original. This alien also looks like it's doing a dance to the song “Walk Like An Egyptian,” and is generally having a fun time. Perhaps it's not a poor attempt at art, but instead the beginning of a transformative masterpiece.

Everyone can see something completely different in it, leaving some room for interpretation, which is what true art is all about after all. If you can see a horse in this image, you’ve probably never actually seen a real horse at all. Other interpretations could include the map that you unfolded but can't quite fold back up, the confidential paperwork that you’re too lazy to shred so you crumple it, and the paper jam that you ripped out of the printer before turning it off.

1 The Struggling Artist

Babies can never follow instructions. The fault in this photoshoot is not the problem of the subject, but of the photographer who made the mistake of believing that they were going to be able to capture their own ideas. Any great photographer knows that you must follow the moods of your subject, accept them, and sprout new ideas together. In this shoot, it's clear that the artist, aka the baby, wanted to go for a darker tone. One that combined nap time with fits of sorrow and doubt.

The artist is a complex being, ever-changing in thought and feeling, allowing the universe to spread its expanse of emotions throughout their soul.

Artists are multi-faceted beings, and one must be careful when handling them. Perhaps in the next shoot they will get it right, but for now it seems that no one is satisfied with the outcome. That kid expected a chocolate fountain, alkaline bottled water, and a ball pit to accommodate behind-the-scenes, and none of those requirements were met. Where’s this kid’s agent? Better yet, a lawyer. Although the tops of babies’ heads and their chubby little arms are pretty cute, so there is still success to be found.

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