10 DIY Macrame Plant Hangers For Your Home

People should always be looking for new ways to get plants into their home, as they're a chance to breathe some life into a new room, while also providing some natural relaxation to those living within the house.

Another thing that can create a calm atmosphere, that allows somebody to get a little creative as well, is macrame. We wanted to show everyone how it's possible to combine both of these things and make a house look that much better with a little bit of work. That's why we've collected ten different styles of DIY macrame plant hangers for people to take a look at!

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10 Enough Room For Two

If there's one thing we like more than a hanger with one plant, it's a hanger with space enough for two. Not only will this allow people the chance to fill twice the amount of greenery into a single space, but it also means that it takes less work for the person doing the macrame.

There's the option to change things up as well, with more than enough room on the platform to fit other objects, such as books or artwork. However, it's best to make sure that the macrame can take the weight before anybody actually attempts to do this!

9 They Can All Hang Together

While it may not be perfect for somebody that has a limited amount of room. anyone that is working with a lot of household real estate has a chance to come up with some brilliant designs here.

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Beginners should stick with a basic plan of their own choosing, but anybody that is well versed in the art of macrame will have five chances here to come up with new designs of their own, all that will hang at different lengths. This one is great for somebody with high ceilings that wants to fill up some of that empty space.

8 Glass Jars Provide A More Natural Look

Okay, so we know that glass doesn't look very natural, but from a distance, they can barely be seen as the lush green of the plants shines through. We love the choice of the knotted bottom on these ones and think that they would make a great addition to anyone's house, especially when arranged in descending order like this.

It can be difficult to get this sort of thing right, as putting something somebody wants to show off within macrame like this can be tricky. Always make sure the plan allows for a lot of spare room between the knots.

7 Want A Rustic Look?! Tin Cans Can Help!

This will not be to everyone's taste, but we think that a lot of people want to bring a rustic feel to their home, and there's nothing better than a plot in a tin can. Sure, some people won't be able to understand why anyone would want this, but the beauty of working on projects like this is that they allow people to add their own personality to a room or home!

However, we will say that we can't understand why anyone wouldn't want their macrame to hang from a ring like the one seen in this image. There's just something so clean about it.

6 It's About More Than Just The Plants!

We all know that Macrame is more than just a way to make wall hangings, giving everyone a chance to show off their passion and individuality.

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What people may not have considered about pretty much all of these designs is that they offer the chance to place things other than plants around their home as well. Or, they give people a chance to show off some fancy bowls that are also filled with a small plant, offering the best of both worlds to anyone willing to experiment a little bit with what they've got.

5 One For The Minimalists

There's always room for different personalities and styles when it comes to stuff like this, but there's no denying that nobody wants to get too flashy. The worst thing that can happen is that somebody makes a room cluttered, which is exactly why plant hangers like this are a great chance for somebody who wants a minimal look.

By making one of these, someone will be able to hang a plant in their home without having to worry that they're filling a space that just can't handle anything else.

4 Incorporate More Than Just The Plant!

We've already hinted at it a little bit, but this image highlights perfectly how people don't have to rely on just the plant and the container to look interesting. For those who are feeling adventurous. there's an opportunity here incorporate something already within the home.

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Not only could this look better than simply having it hanging from the ceiling or wall, but it helps to consolidate the space already within the home and offers yet another chance to keep things looking a lot less cluttered than they might do otherwise.

3 Dyed Rope Can Really Pop!

There will be a lot of macrame purists out there that we imagine won't touch any material that has been dyed, but as long as proper dying solution was used, this choice can actually bring some color to an otherwise bland or boring room.

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For those who like to do everything themselves, skip on buying the material pre-dyed and invest some time and money in doing it at home! We're not going to pretend that it's a basic process, but for those who know what they're doing, it's possible to come up with some brilliant colors seen nowhere else.

2 Don't Be Afraid To Get Fancy

It's hard to think this way, but we were all beginners once, so anyone that wants to sit down and give a difficult design a go should definitely attempt it. If there's a way to incorporate the greenery into the design in some way like this person clearly has thought about ahead of time, then all the better we say!

Don't rush anything, instead thinking about how great the room will look and how people will be astonished when they find out that it was actually made at home.

1 Everything Always Looks Better With Gold

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a home to look a little glam, so for those who want a shortcut to making the place look a little fancy, we suggest that they invest in some gold pots to place their plants in.

We're not suggesting that they're real gold, but gold painted pots can be just as good at brightening up a room and bringing a little beauty to it at the same time. Those who are feeling a little bit adventurous can even make the pots themselves, but make sure that the proper paint is used!

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