Give Any Room A Rustic Feel With This DIY Mason Jar Lamp

Have you ever wanted to jazz up your room with a cool new lamp but didn't want to spend the money? Well, now you can! This easy DIY will show you how to make an awesome, personalized lamp for your room that incorporates the two things DIY-ers love most: mason jars and fairy lights!

Here is what you need to get started:

A large mason jar & lid

A string of fairy lights ( at least 5 ft. long)

Nail polish for decoration ( optional)

A small plant saucer ( 5'' in diameter)

An X- Acto knife

Hot glue


Now, there are two ways to make this kind of mason jar lamp. If you have a set of battery powered fairy lights you can make this lamp right-side-up by stuffing your lights into the jar and closing the lid before decorating.

Via lightsforalloccasions.com

However, I prefer the upside-down method because you can use plug-in lights which are brighter and last longer plus, it is easier to decorate. Here are the steps for making an upside-down mason jar lamp.

Step one: Make your base. Because your Mason Jar is upside-down you will need to make a base for the lamp. For my base, I used a plastic plant saucer. All you need to do for this is remove the lid of the mason jar and separate the "ring" from the "plate". We will not need the plate part for this design so you can set it aside. Now, take your X-Acto knife and cut a circular hole in your plant saucer, about 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

Now, you can hot glue your Mason Jar ring to your plant saucer with hot glue. When you screw the mason jar to the ring, it should now be able to stand up on its own. To finish the base you will need to cut a small piece out of the side of the plant base like I did below, this will allow your lamp to sit flat once you put the fairy lights in it.

Step 2: Decorate. Usually decorating is the last step in any DIY but in this case, we will want to decorate our jar before we put the fairy lights in. There are many different ways you can decorate your Mason Jar. I chose to paint it will nail polish so that it would make cool patterns on the walls while still giving off lots of light.

Via momdot.com

I did my design by putting hundreds of little nail polish dots on it but there are other examples below to give you inspiration. The important part here is to be creative! I also painted my plant saucer to make it a little bit sleeker.

Step 3: Put in your lights. After your mason jar is all decorated and dry you can arrange your string of fairy lights inside. If you have a long string of lights, make sure you arrange them at different angles so that there is even light throughout the lamp. Leave at least a foot of lights hanging out of the lamp.

Next, screw your base back on and feed what is left of your strand through the hole you have made in your plant saucer. Now you are ready to plug it in! Just make sure that when you set it on a table that your cord is sitting in the hole you made in the side of the plant saucer, otherwise, your lamp will fall over.

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