DIY: How To Patch An Air Mattress At Home For Under 5$

There is nothing that can ruin the perfect sleepover or camping trip faster than finding a hole in your air mattress. Just when you are all ready for bed you discover that your once firm and comfy air bed is now sinking into the floor with every passing second. Not to worry though, just because your mattress has a hole in it doesn't mean you should throw it out right away.

Depending on the size and location of the puncture, holes in an air mattress can actually be relatively easy to fix. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to fix a hole in an air mattress for under 5$ and without any added hassle.

What you will need

A Pen/ marker

An air pump

Tuck tape or duct tape

A rubber/plastic patch kit ( you can grab these at your local hardware store for 4.99$)


Via Walmart

Step one: Find your leak. This can be the trickiest step of the patching process because your leak may not be evident right away. After patching 3 holes in a very leaky air mattress I have found that the best way to find your leak is to pump up the mattress all the way and then listen for where the air is coming out. Some people like to get their mattress wet in order to find the hole but then you have to wait for it to dry before patching.

Step two: Identify your hole. Once you have found the hole in your air mattress it is important that you don't lose it. To do this simply take a pen or marker and draw a circle around the hole.

Step three: Deflate your mattress. To patch an air mattress it is VERY IMPORTANT to deflate it completely before applying your patch. If your air mattress still has air in it the patch will buckle and come off of the mattress.

Step four: Patch. Now that you are all ready, it is time to apply your patch. To do so, simply follow the instructions on the back of your patch kit and then hold the patch in place for at least a minute. Now, wait at least an hour ( although I would recommend longer) before inflating it again.

Via Instructables

Step five: Cover your patch. While these patches are generally very good, with time the edges may start to come up and your mattress will be leaky again. In order to prevent this, I cover my patches with a piece of stong ducktape or Tucktape in order to seal it off.

Using this method your air mattress should be able to last up to a few years longer than it would have otherwise!

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