Create Homemade Popsicles This Summer With These DIY Molds

Summer has officially started and if it's not hot where you are now, watch out because temps are on the rise! One great way to cool off and satisfy those sugary cravings with something slightly healthy is by making your own popsicles. You'll know exactly all of the ingredients going into these yummy homemade pops so you can enjoy a tasty frozen treat made by your hands - and then go back for seconds and even thirds if you wish.

According to Journal Star, there are three top-tier homemade popsicle molds on the market right now. Here, we'll share which ones are the best to DIY some delicious summer snacks.

First up are Zoku's "Silicone Pop Molds" which come in plain primary colors and a variety of shapes. They feature a standard popsicle-shape for the traditionalists out there, and for kids (or kids at heart), there are animal-shaped and character-shaped molds with hilarious "feet" for the characters as the reusable "popsicle sticks." The molds are made of silicone and they are BPA-free and easy to release. They also come with signature "drip-stick cups (or guards)" to keep the popsicles from creating a sticky mess.

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Next up are the popsicle molds for those who wish to take popsicle-making and clean up to a whole new level. The brand Danny's World offers a "Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold" and it is a thing of beauty. Built to last into the next century or two, you can pass this mold down to future generations! In the meantime, you can enjoy deliciously healthy homemade pops with easy cleanup.

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Finally, on this homemade ice pop tour, allow us to introduce FroZip's "Disposable Mold Bags." These are not great for the environment, but they were created for days at the beach when no one wants to haul away anything that needs to be washed. These molds allow you to make a squishable homemade frozen treat that can be taken on-the-go and can be easily disposed of. Perfect for a summer road trip!

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Which choice, if any, will you be rushing into a new browser window to purchase? Let us know in the comments!

Here's to summer and tasty frozen treats!


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