10 DIY Projects You Can Do With Minimal Tools

We all love amazing DIY projects, but often times we find ourselves neglecting to pursue a particular challenge due to our lack of tools. A simple and affordable alternative can turn into an expensive hobby in a few short moments.

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You shouldn't let this get you down, as there are numerous DIYs out there that won't break the bank. These all include basic tools you probably already have lying around your house, so the only things you are buying are the components of the craft. Keep reading to learn about ten DIY projects you can do with minimal tools!

10 Nail Polish Mugs

All you need for this project is a sponge, white mug, disposable container, nail polish, and an acrylic sealer. You fill a container with warm water, then take your nail polish or two and drip it into the container to create a unique pattern. Next, you dip your mug into the nail polish and water mixture in a circular motion.

The mug should be set aside to dry, and then you apply the acrylic sealer over the design with a sponge.

9 Flower Artwork

If pretty artwork for your wall is your go-to thing, then this is the project for you. All you need is a few flowers, two fire bricks, paper towels, and a hot glue gun. The first step is to lay the flowers in between paper towels, and then place this between the two fire bricks.

You then stick this into the microwave for one to three minutes. You should remove the top brick for at least thirty seconds of this process to ensure all of the moisture is removed. Next, you place the flowers in a glass frame and use your hot glue gun to keep them in place. You will end up with a natural art piece that can adorn your walls for eternity.

8 Photo Resin Coasters

This is a relatively simple project that allows you to put your memories on display while making them more than just an eyesore. All you need is a mason jar metal lid, a few pictures, and some pourable resin and hardener.  The first step is to cut out the photos using the lid as your template and then place it inside after you glue the lid insert to the rim.

You want to mix together equal parts of resin and hardener for two minutes in one cup, before transferring it over to another cup to stir for one more minute. Next, you pour the resin into the lids and use a straw to blow out any air bubbles that rise to the surface. You will then cover them for 72-hours and after this time they will be ready to use.

7 String Art

This is a project that looks classy but is easy and simple enough that anyone can do it with a few basic tools. You need to gather a piece of wood, linoleum nails, a hammer, and some embroidery floss. It might also help to have a printer if drawing out an image isn't your strong suit, but you could also take a picture from a magazine if you don't have one on hand.

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The next step is to pound in the nails around, and possibly inside, your image depending upon its complexity. Finally, you tie the string around one of the nails and get to work looping the string around the nails in a pattern of your own choosing.

6 Birthday Reminder

If you struggle to remember all of your friend's and family's birthdays then you should plan on making this as your next DIY. All you need is a wooden board, pre-drilled wooden discs, eye hooks, jump rings, their pictures, and some paint. The first step is to decorate the board however you like with paints or stencils to indicate what it is and each of the months.

Then, you twist the eye hooks into the underside of the wooden board beneath each of the months. Next, you place a miniature photo of each person on a wooden disk and connect them by using three jump rings. Finally, you sharpie or paint the dates of each member's birthday atop the disk and you will never forget a birthday every again.

5 Cat Home

Cats rule our homes and our lives with their adorable looks and royal attitudes, which is why they deserve a house as immacualte as their tastes.

This is as simple as taking some cardboard, tape, and scissors to create a unique space for them to call their kingdom. You could create a castle, yacht, or tunnel system for them to enjoy. It also doubles as a scratching post so you can worry less about the corners of your couch being ripped apart by their claws.

4 Rope Basket

This is a great way to make a plastic clothes basket look like you spent $50 compared to $5. All you need is your old basket, some rope in a color of your choosing, a hot glue gun, and a large cut of fabric or scarf. You want to take your fabric or scarf and place it inside of your basket, so it overalps the curved edges that are typically used as handles. Then, you should cut it to size and secure it in place with some glue.

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After this step we move onto the rope, and it is easiest to start at the top of your basket. You only need to secure the first few lines with hot glue, then sparingly use it as needed as you move down the length of your basket. When you reach the end you want to start gluing the last two lines, as well as the end of the rope to prevent it from fraying over time.

3 Herb Drying Rack

This basket looks complicated to an outsider, but it is actually super simple to create with only a few tools. All you need is an embroidery hoop, some twine or yarn, and a ceiling hook. The first step is to take your embroidery hoop and find an artful way to attach your string on three different sides of the hoop to form a triangle.

The simplest way might be to just braid three pieces together on each side and form a knot at the top to hold your cieling hook. Then, you can either use twist ties or some of your left over yarn to attach the herbs to your rack and you will find yourself with a beautiful accent piece for your kitchen.

2 Bird Feeder

This project only takes fifteen minutes to make and it allows you to help the environment by recycling your old ketchup bottle. All you need is some twine, scissors, an old plastic bottle, and a pot drip tray used in gardening. The first step is to cut out the bottom of the pot drip tray so the end of the ketchup bottle fits inside of it with the cap side down.

Then, you need to cut small holes just above the lid so the seed can escape into the tray, as well as two small holes on the butt of the bottle so you can hang it in a tree. The final step is to put it all together by running the twine through the holes, filling the bottle with seeds, and placing the drip tray and lid back on the bottle.

1 Craft Desk

When you enter the world of DIY projects, you will soon realize that you want to make more complicated projects. This will lead to you needing a craft desk where you store all of your materials, and luckily, they are quite easy to make. You need two bookshelves, an old desktop, and glue or screws.

The first step is to take the piece designated as your desktop and ensure it is cut and painted in the style you want. Next, you attach the desktop to your two storage units with either heavy duty super glue or screws. Screws are the better option, but if your desk is pressed against a wall then the glue will do just fine to give you the craft desk you always dreamed of.

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