10 DIY Rabbit Hutches That Are Spacious And Cute

There are some people out there that treat their animals better than they do human beings, and we think that they've probably got the right idea as well! While a lot of people don't like the idea of spending a lot of money on a pet, we're here to say that there are some great DIY options open to people who want to make sure that they're giving their rabbit the best home possible! We've pulled together ten of the cutest DIY hutches on the internet, ones that also allow the animal some room to breathe, meaning that any rabbit would be lucky to live in one of these.

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10 Let Them Have A Real House

What is cute about this one is that it looks like a real house, offering the pet a chance to live just like the owners do. We're not saying that the pets should have the same sort of amenities as human beings or anything, but why not get the same sort of aesthetic? There is nothing cuter than watching a rabbit going upstairs during the night, getting ready for bed and then seeing them sleep through the window. This way, not only do they get a lovely place to live, but the pet owner gets to watch them be cute from time to time, too!

9 An Old Style Look

There was a time when all people dreamed about was being able to find the perfect partner to settle down with before finding a great little house in the best area possible, their garden ringed off by a white picket fence. Well, it would seem that somebody wanted this dream to be a reality for their rabbit, which is exactly what they ended up doing! The little touches on this thing are what make it wonderful, and we don't think that there is any rabbit out there that wouldn't love to live somewhere with this lovely picket fence.

8 Make Sure There Are At Least Two Floors

One of the problems with having a pet, especially behind a gate, is the fact that it doesn't allow the animal a chance to truly stretch their legs. While it's not perfect, we would say that anyone making their rabbit a hutch should make sure that it has two floors. Not only does this look a lot cuter anyway, but it gives the rabbit some movement space, which is very important, especially for an animal that would be naturally moving about a lot if they were in the wild. Something like this doesn't take up too much space by using the vertical space instead!

7 Might Need Stairs If They're Small!

More than anything, we love this image because of how wonderfully small the rabbit is, but there's something to be said for the equally quaint hutch we have on display here as well!

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It's a little rough around the edges, but this gives it a lot of charm, and still allows for a smaller rabbit to move about as much as they want. Always keep in mind that, if people want their pets to be able to easily get in and out of these hutches without assistance, they may need to include a little set of steps like the owner has done here!

6 We Like The Roof On This One

We've seen a couple of hutches that look like old fashioned houses, but this is the first we've seen so far that has more of a modern look to it, which we're all for, if we're honest! By the looks of the rabbit, he's happy with it as well. Why should the rabbits have to keep living in the same style of hutches when we get to keep updating our architecture? It's only right that we give our pets the same standard of living that we give ourselves, which is exactly why we think this modern style home would be great for any rabbit out there.

5 Cute Name!

In the real world, we would probably judge someone for having their name plastered on the front of their home, but we love it when we see it happen with pets. They're small and furry, so we let them get away with a lot more than we do the human beings on this planet, and we think that's probably for the best! We also like the design of this hutch, as it gives the rabbit the choice of the house, while also including the option to lie out in the sunlight with an outside area, which is always a nice thing to see. Pets should have as much choice as us!

4 Hutch For A Royal Rabbit

Despite how some people feel about animals, there's nothing wrong with treating pets like royalty, and that's why their hutch should reflect that. Not only is this incredibly cute, but it also offers the chance for the rabbits to run around in the courtyard area, there being enough room for them to properly stretch their legs, which also offering the owner a convenient area to reach in and pick them out if they need to. It may take a little bit more work, but we think that it's worth it to end up with the overall effect given.

3 Never Throw Anything Away

We respect the people out there that pretty much refuse to throw anything away, as they're aware that anything that seems useless right now could end up becoming really useful at some point in the future. When somebody is ready to get rid of a lovely piece of furniture, the last thing they think is that it could be used as a rabbit hutch, and yet the person that made this saw exactly that! Before heading out to buy some wood for the project, take a look at what is around the house and see if there's anything that can be used instead.

2 Collecting For Compost As Well!

Just like there's no point in throwing anything away that can be used as something else, there's no point in only making a hutch when it can act as two things, right?

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For anyone that likes to grow fruits and vegetables, or just wants a nice garden, they can double up on a rabbit hutch, turning it into a compost collector as well! Yes, those buckets are filled with the little droppings left behind by the pet, so that they can then be used to fertilize the ground. We have a lot of time for this sort of self-sufficient thinking.

1 The Plant Box Is A Nice Touch

We hope that one of the things that have come across throughout this list is that there's always room to experiment with this sort of thing, and that if somebody decides they want to make their own rabbit hutch, they should let their mind explore what sort of thing is possible! That being said, if somebody wants to include a plant box with their rabbit hutch, make sure that it's filled with some greenery that the rabbit can actually eat, or else there's a chance that the poor thing won't be able to help itself and will have a nibble.

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