This DIY Storage System Is Easy, Cute, And Functional

If you're sick of your house looking and feeling cluttered then this may be just the solution that you have been looking for.

Whether we like to admit it or not, to some extent most of us are hoarders. No, not to the point that we see on television where people are almost drowning in a sea of things they can't bear to throw away, but most of us have issues with clutter and having so much stuff that we simply don't know where to keep it.

But, hoarder or not, may have the perfect solution for you, courtesy of Architectural Digest. Wall storage. Yes we know that is already a thing, and don't switch off because you're fully aware of how troublesome wall storage can be to assemble. This newest solution to all your clutter is not only extremely easy to put in place, but it also isn't big and unsightly like some wall storage systems can be.

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The solution to all your storage problems? The rebar sheet. It's a tool that is used when laying tiles to make sure they are evenly spaced, however, it doubles as a terrific tool to hang excess clutter from. We haven't even mentioned the best aspect of it yet either – the price. You can grab yourself a rebar sheet from as little as $7.75 at Home Depot.

As you can see from some of the images in this article, people have already been using rebar sheets for a number of things. Some green-thumbed friends have even been using it to create their own kind of indoor hanging garden effect. If you want to attach the rebar sheet to the wall, you can. Just be sure to use nails or screws if it's on wood or studs and something to anchor it if it's going up on drywall.

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If just attaching it to a wall sounds like too much DIY, then fear not. As you can see from the post above, simply leaning it against the wall is enough if you're looking for the absolute minimum amount of work. From there you can paint it, add some nicer looking hooks, customize it in whatever way you like, and then proceed to declutter your floors and surfaces as you hang everything on the wall from shoes to plants to paintings.

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