Make A DIY Travel Scrapbook Of Your Favourite Trip

If you have ever been on a really memorable vacation or trip you know how hard it is to explain your experience to friends and family when you get home. I recently got back from visiting New Zealand and found it hard to convey just how awesome the trip had been. In order to be able to remember my trip and also to show it to my friends, I decided to make a travel scrapbook!

If you are planning a trip soon or you have recently been on one, here is a tutorial on how to make an awesome DIY Travel Scrapbook to capture your fondest memories.

What you will need: 

  • A scrapbook or photo album
  • Funky paper for the background
  • Photos from your trip
  • Ticket stubs, museum brochures, business cards and other mementos
  • Scissors
  • Glue

When I am travelling, I like to collect things from my favourite places on the trip. When I visit a winery I will take a copy of their tasting menu and when I visit a museum I will buy a postcard or my favourite exhibit. Other ideas of things to collect on your trip are: restaurant napkins, ticket stubs, brochures or business cards.


Once you have collected your mementos, print out your favourite photos from the trip. When I am picking what photos to print out I generally pick the ones that are funny or that capture the scenery of the places I have been.

Now that you have your photos, mementos and all your scrapbooking material, you are ready to assemble your memory book! Start by organizing your pictures and mementos in some fashion, maybe it is chronologically or by location that you visited.

Next, pick a piece of scrapbook paper that will act as the background for each page and arrange your photos and mementos how you like them.


Once you are happy with your layout you can glue or tape all your pieces onto the scrapbook paper making sure to leave room for you to add captions later.

Now that you have the key elements of your scrapbook assembled you can feel free to get creative! Add stickers, stamps and captions to your scrapbook as well as anything else you might want to, just have fun here.

When you are happy with the way your scrapbook pages look, let them dry well before inserting your pages into the plastic slots in your scrapbook or photo album.

Now that your scrapbook is done you are ready to share your trip with your friends and family!

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