Does The Faraday Future FF91 Know More About You Than Facebook?

The long-promised and troubled story of the Faraday Future FF91 has a new chapter as the Chinese start up has released new photos of the luxury electrics interior.

Aside from the promised neutral body posture rear seating the interior also includes a Pimp My Ride level of screen coverage with eleven screens covering everything from infotainment to door controls. The car was expected to debut in 2018. There's no word on production plans so far.

3 Rocky Start

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Faraday Future has had a rough start, even by electric automotive standards. The car was debuted in prototype form in 2017, however, behind the scenes issues with funding found the original CEO Stefan Krause and CFO Ulrich Kranz leaving the company and forming their own brand, Evelozcity. Funding issues continue to plague the start up all the way up a restructuring in June of 2019 and the founder Jai Yueting filing bankruptcy in October of 2019.

2 Big Promises

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At the 2017 premiere of the FF91 concept the electric luxury car offered some big promises. With a combined 1,050hp from electric motors it promised a 2.96 second hustle from 0-60 with a limited top speed of 155mph. It also includes autonomous drive functions that include an auto-parking system.

1 Feature Laden Interior

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The newly released interior details include an incredible list of features should they all make to production, including the car itself. The rear seats feature a reclining neutral body posture setting that lays all the way down.

While there passengers can enjoy movies on a 27" monitor, one of the eleven screens. It also includes facial recognition that will remember passenger preferences from temperature to entertainment. If facial recognition doesn't work, it can use the weight and voice.

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