Dog Finally Adopted After Sticking It Out 525 Days In Shelter

Dog Finally Adopted After Sticking It Out 525 Days In Shelter

A dog that has been waiting 525 days at an animal shelter has finally found her furever home.

Meet Cassie. She’s… well, we have no idea what breed of dog she is. There’s probably some beagle, some German shepherd, and maybe even a golden in there somewhere. The circular, almost cat-like tail is also very unique among dogs and might point to some pug or Labrador blood in there too.

Anyways, she’s a sweetie, according to the Humane Society of Greater Drayton. She arrived at the shelter on August 9th, 2017 under difficult circumstances. She’d been adopted out a few times before, but always returned shortly thereafter.

The Humane Society didn’t say exactly why Cassie was always getting returned. We’d like to think she was just a bit too awesome for whatever family could bear to part with that smiling face. Or maybe she was just a little more energetic than her middle-age years would lead you to believe. Probably the beagle in her.

Every time they brought her back to the shelter, Humane Society volunteers say they learned just a bit more about her personality. It turns out, Cassie was born for the screen, so they took her to a local car dealership to star in one of their ad campaigns.

The campaign was actually to help out the shelter: for every car sold, the shelter would receive $50 to help dogs just like Cassie.


Cassie was a natural for the camera, and it even led to her finding her perfect family.

BEST NEWS OF THE DAY!!! Cassie, who has been with us for 525 days found a forever home today!! Cassie first came to us...

Posted by Humane Society of Greater Dayton on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Cassie’s eventual adoptive parents spotted her on the tube and decided then and there that she was the dog for them. So they signed the papers, and last week Cassie left the Humane Shelter of Greater Drayton hopefully for the last time.

"Every day for 525 days she has patiently waited for that perfect person to walk through the doors and pick her and today was her day,” the Humane Society wrote on their Facebook page.

There may have been a few tears from staff that day, but probably also a few squeals of joy too.


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