Dog Arrested For Chasing After A Deer

They say it's always the quiet ones. For most of his life, Finn, a mixed-breed dog of Kenora, Ontario, was known by his family as funny, sweet, and lovable... never one to cause trouble.  His family, consisting of 21-year-old Emme Thompson, her father, and his girlfriend, typically trusted Finn enough to go off leash. But that all changed one day when Mr. Thompson and his girlfriend took a stroll on a local trail.

Every dog usually has at least one thing that sets them off. For Finn, it's deer. During this specific trip to the trail, Finn spotted a deer and took off so fast that neither Mr. Thompson or his girlfriend could catch him or even see him as he disappeared into the vegetation despite their cries for him to come back.


"I guess he caught the scent of a deer because he took off into the bush, not responding to their calls and whistles," Thompson said.

As Mr. Thompson and his girlfriend searched for Finn along the trail, they received a phone call from the Ontario Provincial Police department. Apparently, Finn had been spotted chasing and scaring the deer.

"He’s an extremely fast runner and inevitably caught up to the deer where they had a bit of a scrap, he’s much smaller than a deer so it got away and he gave up the chase," Thompson said of the incident.


When Mr. Thompson and his girlfriend went to collect their delinquent dog, they found him hilariously sitting in the back of a police vehicle staring out of the barred windows with a look on his face that effectively communicated one feeling - defeat.

21-year-old Emme Thompson decided to tweet the photo as soon as her father sent it to her. In one day, it was retweeted over 143,000 times. Twitter users came out of the woodwork to tell their tales about the mischevious tails in their lives. And it turns out that dogs being "detained" really isn't that unusual. Hopefully Finn's wild trip off-trail will have earned him a comfy harness and extend-a-leash set so that he and his family can enjoy the trail without harming wildlife or involving the police.

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