Dog Astrology: Discovering The Secrets of Your Dogs Personality

I am somewhat obsessed with astrology. Within moments of meeting someone new, I'm already thinking about what their zodiac sign is, if I haven’t already asked. You know, in a cool, non-psycho way. And the same thing goes for my four-legged furry friends, as astrology also impacts their personality in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

I’m a Leo. My dog-child, Lyla, is also a Leo. Her birthday happens to be the day after mine and my-oh-my, I can see the similarities. She has all the bad and good qualities of a Leo: she is stubborn, sweet, affectionate and a hell-raiser. She can move effortlessly from one extreme to the other, just as I can.

So, what about your dog? Are you curious how the stars affect their personality? What secrets can the stars unlock in raising your dog-child? Well, look below to find out.

12 ARIES - March 21 - April 20

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Aries (the Ram) is ruled by the planet Mars and is fueled by passion, authority and pride. Many Aries dogs will naturally find themselves as the leader of the pack (if more than one dog resides in the home), and quite possibly even the household. Aries dogs are confident, strong and want to impress their owners/parents. BUT, don’t take it personal if they do not obey your every command. Aries dogs have a mind of their own and want to prove their intelligence in their very own unique way. Because of their playful attitude, many Aries dogs tend to be accident prone, run off without notice or show a fiery & aggressive temper when pushed to their limits or not closely watched. Aries is confident, courageous and benefits from an owner who is outgoing and active.

11 TAURUS - April 21 - May 21

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Taurus (the bull) is an earth sign that is known for it's bullheaded approach. This sign, although very stubborn, enjoys stability and comfort. Many Taurus dogs are known to be lazy or even disobedient, but they are in fact very intelligent and prefer to just 'go' at their own pace. Taurus is also the sign of fertility and these four-legged friends are known to have a high sex drive. These dogs, although practical, enjoy the comfort of home: a comfy place to sleep, good food (possibly even your food) and tend to have that one special toy they don't want to let go of. Taurus dogs do not like aggressive, loud or stressful homes, and will often times shy away from these situations. Taurus is loyal, possessive, stable and will not require much additional care. These dogs will enjoy a weekend at home on the couch with Netflix. No fuss, although they'll only cuddle with you when they want to.

10 GEMINI - May 22 - June 21

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Gemini (the twins) is ruled by Mercury. These dogs are extremely intelligent and can be a damn handful! Gemini dogs are both yin & yang, shy but personable, loud yet quiet, aggressive but sometimes shy. Want to spot the Gemini dog in public? Well, this is the dog that has made friends with every passing person. The dog that would go home with anyone, anywhere. Many times, you'll wonder if they have any loyalty to you. Don't worry they do. Extremely active, Gemini dog-children require an owner/parent who has just as much energy as they do. This dog can be prone to boredom and will not hide it. Gemini dogs also love children, fun and traveling in the backseat of your car. This is the perfect dog who you can take on all your adventures.

9 CANCER - June 22- July 23

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Cancer (the crab) is ruled by the moon and can be extremely sensitive and nurturing to the right family. Cancer is one of the most devoted signs of the zodiac and are very loyal to their homes and families. They don't like a lot of change. Moving or new home situations can be very stressful for them. Protective and devoted, Cancer dogs make loyal companions who may want to do everything with you. They can also feel deeply hurt if you leave them out, use the wrong tone or show aggression with them. Cancer dogs make great companions for other animals, the elderly or even children. They're very loving and will always make their appreciation known. Be cautious of over-feeding a Cancer dog, they love to eat!

8 LEO - July 24 - August 23

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Leo (the sun) is the ruler of the zodiac kingdom, and most likely your household. These animals have quite the charismatic presence. Leo dogs are warm, friendly and playful. One very prominent thing with this sign is smiling. Yes, these dogs really do, in fact, smile. Leo dogs also love to be the center of attention and will rebel when they are feeling left out or forgotten. They love affection, love it! They will gladly show off for you and your friends. Leo dogs also have a tendency of acting regal, demanding or needy. You may have to get creative when disciplining the Leo dog. Try using toys, gifts or treats, and do not try to manipulate them. They'll see right through it! Leo dogs love the outdoors but are also prone to laziness, if not encouraged. Be warned: Leo's enjoy hearing their own bark and may be very vocal.

7 VIRGO - August 24 - September 23

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Virgo (the virgin) is ruled by duty, intellect and home. The Virgo dog is one of the calmest of the zodiac, similar to Taurus. This dog can handle stressful situations without being directly effected by the outcome. Virgo dogs, although easygoing, do enjoy routine and thrive in homes that are clean, organized and have a 'no fuss' attitude. Virgo dogs make excellent guard dogs, service dogs and protectors of older children and adults. However, small children can be difficult for Virgo dogs as they don't enjoy someone pulling or grabbing them. They are very much so devoted, and want to 'work' with you. They would benefit best from working on a farm, or any place that allows them to show their devotion of service. Virgo dogs also love cats and make excellent companions to our feline friends.

6 LIBRA - September 24 - October 23

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Libra (the scales) is ruled by the planet Venus and thrives on equality and beauty. Libra dogs are quiet, peaceful and enjoy making new friends. However, they may be difficult to train as they have a difficult time staying focused on one task for too long. They require discipline that is kind and encouraging. Libra dogs, although very peaceful and easygoing, do have a temper if pushed. And hell hath no fury if they reach that point. Like Virgo, Libra dogs enjoy a schedule and thrive on structure. Libra dogs need an owner/parent that is active, outgoing and social. Caution: this sign is very curious and will often times find themselves going to places or seeking creatures that can harm them. Keep on eye on this one!

5 SCORPIO - October 24 - November 22

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Scorpio (the scorpion) is ruled by Pluto and is a water sign that can be highly emotional. This is the most mischievous sign of the zodiac. Scorpio dogs are curious, passionate and fearless. They can easily find themselves as the leader of the pack but will use their power for their own well-being. They want what they want, and no matter how you try to restrain them, they will get it. Scorpio dogs are also very loving and can form very deep and lasting friendships with their owners. Notice how I said 'friendships'? Owning or dominating a Scorpio dog can be very difficult. They want to protect you, play with you, love you, but they do not want to be owned. This dog thrives in situations that allow freedom and laid-back, easygoing households. They also enjoy—weirdly enough—grooming.

4 SAGITTARIUS - November 23 - December 21

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Sagittarius (the archer) is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Sagittarius dogs are extremely loyal to their owners/parents but are prone to experiencing separation anxiety if you don't train them properly. This dog will benefit from being one of many dogs in a household. They are social, playful and energetic. They also enjoy adventures, road trips, and even hunting trips. Sagittarius dogs also require a lot of physical activity and will enjoy playing with the kids in the backyard. There is also a tendency for these dogs to seek independence and freedom. They could be prone to 'disappearing' for hours or days and playing with the other dogs in the neighbourhood. But don't worry, they always return home for some much needed time and attention.

3 CAPRICORN - December 22 - January 20

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Capricorn (the goat) is ruled by Saturn. Capricorn dogs beat to the rhythm of their own drum. They enjoy being the only 'child' and, when forced to live with other animals especially if they were there first, it will take them quite awhile to get 'used' to it. These animals can also suffer from anxiety from previous abuse, thunder or even just sudden changes in the home or schedule. Capricorn dogs, however, are very intuitive and will take on the personality of their owners. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, Capricorn dogs will as well. If you like a quiet and meditative household, Capricorn dogs will accommodate that as well. They aim to please but tend to bond with one person, rather than a household.

2 AQUARIUS - January 21 - February 19

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Aquarius (the water bearer) is ruled by Uranus and is highly intelligent, great for children and families and are bright, funny and very loving. This sign is also very unpredictable. They are quirky and interesting by choosing to want weird foods, specific toys or different activities. The Aquarius dog is also very independent. They only want to cuddle when they want to and probably not for very long. These dogs also enjoy being one of many in a home. They would do best in a home with a lot of freedom, land and even in homes that take part in an adventurous lifestyle.

1 PISCES - February 20 - March 20

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Pisces (the fish) is ruled by Jupiter. A water sign, Pisces enjoys peaceful home situations. This sign hates stress and can easily find themselves physically sick in these situations if not careful. In the right situation, Pisces can be harmonious, loving and quiet. In a stressful situation, Pisces can be moody, combative and even violent. Their naturally peaceful demeanor can make them perfect therapy dogs, or visitors of nursing homes or hospitals. They will intuitively know who needs what and when, and will provide that for anyone. As well, many Hollywood dogs are Pisces as they enjoy entertaining those around them.

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