What Dog Breed You Should Get Based On Your MBTI

According to nearly everyone in the world, a dog is a man's (and woman's) best friend. Chances are, if someone isn't a dog-lover, then they're probably not a life-lover, either. Anyone who owns a pup won't hesitate to describe his or her personality, what they were like as a puppy, and how they've grown into an adult dog... and that's because even though they're animals, they still have personalities just like we do.

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Many believe that these personality types can be easily determined and classified according to a simple test called the Meyers-Briggs® Type Indicator. We believe that not only can someone's personality be figured out based on this but that there's a dog for every major personality type, too.

10 INFJ And A German Shepard Is A Beautiful Pairing

German Shepards are known for being a little bit quirky, just like those who share the INFJ personality type which also happens to be the rarest in the world. This group of individuals is known for being highly intuitive, intelligent, and compassionate with their family and friends... Just like a German Shepard would be!

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The two will undoubtedly feel an instant connection, as a Shepard will be partially protective over his or her owner but also known when to be social and obedient. This breed will instinctively pick up on their owners' mood and be eager to comfort, just as an IFNJ does toward those in need.

9 ENFJ And A Labrador Both Aim To Please

Also known as 'The Giver', the ENFJ personality type is known for their extroverted nature and idealistic goals. They're focused on the future and are likely to click with most anyone and everyone. This personality is almost identical to that of a Labrador, which can be playful, fun-loving, but also strives to please his or her owner.

Their family-friendly and outgoing nature make them the perfect match for those bearing a similar personality and they'll undoubtedly be in love from the start. ENFJs will be psyched to go for a run, teach their pup new tricks, or just chill on the couch with their new best friend.

8 ENTJ And A Boxer Both Protect The Household

The ENTJ personality is known as 'The Commander' which is an appropriately-fitting description for that of a boxer as well. Boxers are known for loving most people and are highly active, both physically and mentally. They're a very protective breed that's not afraid to take the lead when the situation calls for it.

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This is identical to the personality of an ENTJ, who has a natural inclination to take the role of a leader and solve problems with their natural reasoning and logic skills. This helps them navigate the world easily, similar to how a boxer follows queues and logic to please their owner.

7 ISFJ And A Bulldog Will Make Everyone Feel Loved

Known as 'The Nurturer', and ISFJ sees it as their job to give back to others. They don't mind being the 'mother' of the group which, funny enough, makes them very compatible with a Bulldog. Despite the reputation, Bulldogs are not as tough as they look. While they are brave, they're also extremely friendly and go out of their way to be a comfort to their owners.

Similar to how ISFJs take it upon themselves to look out for others, a Bulldog will undoubtedly be at his or her owners' side no matter what. Their calm nature is the perfect balance that an ISFJ needs to relax and unwind after all of their extroverted kindness.

6 ENTP And a Beagle Are Constantly Learning About The World

'The visionary', as ENTPs are usually referred to, will find their match in a Beagle. By nature, a Beagle is known for being highly curious and using their talents to seek out and accomplish goals. This makes them rather ambitious but overall very good-tempered.

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While ENTPs are usually extroverts this does not mean they enjoy constant socialization. Similar to a Beagle, they need their quiet time and will likely enjoy a good cuddle up on the couch to recharge. Together, they'll be able to go after their goals together and seek out anything that will satisfy their mutual curiosity and drive.

5 ISFP And A Husky Will Learn To Explore Together

Huskies have quite the reputation for being obedient and strong-willed, similar to 'The Composer' ISFP. Despite their friendly nature, people with this personality type are introverts but, interestingly enough, thoroughly enjoy meeting new people who aren't.

It takes them a bit to warm up, similarly to how a Husky will take queues from their owner before letting their guard down fully. An ISFP will be very outgoing and spontaneous, just as a Husky will be fun-loving and active when they get excited. The two of them will find that they have a good balance between them, especially with exploring with one another.

4 ESTJ And A Rottweiler Know How To Take The Lead

ESTJs are known for being 'The Supervisors' of the group, which means they're fairly traditional and always follow the ethical approach to life. People who classify with this personality will have dignity in everything they do and likely always opt for following the rules rather than finding a way around them.

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This makes them natural-born leaders whom people will go to for advice and counsel. Similarly, Rottweilers take their place as the natural leader of the pack and do things according to the instincts brought on by their owners. They're loving and known for being confident as well as loyal to their owners, making them a trustworthy leader as well.

3 ENFP And A Doberman Strive For Greatness

Anyone with an ENFP personality type will definitely see a bit of themselves in the personality of a Doberman. This breed is known for being fearless and loyal to those who take care of them, similar to how an ENFP -- also known as 'The Champion' -- will lead the way in any situation.

Anyone sharing this personality type is likely known for being independent and taking pride in having their own identity. They're confident extroverts, are intuitive and lead their lives according to their own personal feelings and beliefs. Just like a Doberman, they'll often be found blazing their own path and striving for their own standard of greatness.

2 ESFP And An Australian Shepard Will Always Steal The Show

Known as 'The Performer', and ESFP stands for 'extroverted, observant, feeling, and perceiving', something that Australian Shepards do just as well as any human. While those with this personality love to be the center of attention, an Australian Shepard will likely be right up there with them.

The beautiful thing about this relationship is that an Australian Shepard will enjoy performing for and making their owner proud, while their owner takes pleasure in the spotlight. This breed has a pension for being hard workers, something an ESFP will thoroughly appreciate as it's not often that they tire easily. Their mutual extroverted nature will make for a perfect pairing.

1 INFP And A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Will be Introverts For Life

The INFP, otherwise known as 'The Idealist', will find their perfect match in that of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It's a long name for such a small dog but don't worry... They have big personalities! The INFP is an introvert by nature and will always opt for a quiet place while refusing to talk about themselves right off the bat.

They live their life with their heads in the clouds sometimes, analyzing and idealizing much of the time. They'll be perfect for a King Charles Spaniel, a breed that's incredibly affectionate but also graceful and big-hearted. They're a gentle breed by nature which will allow for an INFP to take the time they need to truly open up to a pup.

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