Dog Lover Cycling In 10-Day Marathon Is Raising Funds For Shelter Dogs

Alistair Blackburn, 19, will attempt to ride 250 miles Vietnam to Cambodia to raise money for Dogs Trust Kenilworth. The avid cyclist from Solihull in the West Midlands of England is hoping to raise £3,000 by riding for 10 days from Ho Minh City in Vietnam to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The route will see him traverse rough terrain, paddy fields, and mountains.

"Dogs are hugely important to me and my Cocker Spaniel Basil is a big part of my life. I wanted to take on this challenge, not only to experience something new for myself but to raise money for all the dogs out there who are yet to find loving homes. I’m told that on average it costs more than £40 each day to care for every dog at Dogs Trust, so every penny matters,” Blackburn said.

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The ride is set to last from November 24 to December 4. So far, Blackburn has raised £850, which will go towards the rescue animals at The Dogs Trust. Founded in 1891, the organization is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. Today, The Dogs Trust cares for more than 15,000 dogs each year at its 20 rehoming centers in the UK - and one in Dublin. They have been actively involved in advocating for dog welfare legislation for the past 126 years.

On his JustGiving page, Blackburn says, “My brilliant workplace, PKF Cooper Parry, has provided me with the opportunity to complete a challenging cycle from Vietnam to Cambodia. I have decided to use this opportunity to support The Dogs Trust. I have some plans for events and challenges that I will be completing in order to raise money.”

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According to Jane Hirons, Supporter Relations Officer at Dogs Trust Kenilworth, “We are so grateful for people like Alistair who not only give up their time to help our dogs but challenge themselves in order to raise money for them too. Not only will the money raised help us to continue looking after the dogs in our care, but the support and awareness they have generated to spread the word about The Dogs Trust are invaluable.”

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