Dog Attempts To ‘Pay’ For Cookies With Leaves After Seeing People Use Money

Negro the Labrador retriever has learned to “pay” for treats by watching the kids in the school cafeteria. While the puppy doesn’t know anything about monetary value, he is smart enough to grasp the concept of exchange. Unfortunately, even though there are many leaves on the ground, Negro doesn’t get an unlimited amount of treats even if he can pay for them.

The black Labrador is the resident dog at the Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare in Colombia. Everyone in the faculty takes care of the dog, and they all pitch in to provide him with food, water, and shelter. He’s been a good, positive influence on the campus, so everyone adores him. Turns out, the students aren’t the only ones learning a thing or two in school.

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Negro was never aware of the cafeteria until students began to bring him cookies. He found the little store on campus that sells the treats given to him. Eventually, he would go to the store every day to watch the kids buy treats. Most people assumed that he was just waiting there because it’s the most likely place that someone will give him a cookie. What they didn’t know is that he was observing closely the whole time.

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The pooch figured out that the kids give something to the store in exchange for the treat. He figured that if he offered something similar looking, he would get a treat as well. One day, he appeared at the register with a leaf in his mouth. People were confused, but the pup was excitedly wagging his tail—clearly proud of himself that he’s figured out the “trick.” From then on, Negro would make it known when he wants a cookie by “paying” for one at the register.

The adorable resident puppy knows he can pay for treats, but the staff still limits the amount he can “buy.” He purchases his treats daily, but he can only get two a day. His caretakers are concerned that too many treats will make him sick. They also make sure everything he can buy is safe for dogs to consume. The school staff are still in awe that Negro figured out a way to make it known that he wants a treat. He’s truly learning something at school.

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