Watch The World's Most Fearless Tiny Dog Protect Her Home

Security camera footage recently caught a small but fearless dog protecting its home from two intruding bears.

The crazy weather going on in California right now is having a catastrophic effect on the state. The videos of the wildfires being caught by people driving down highways look like a terrifying scene from an apocalyptic movie created using CGI. Now the excessive amounts of rain have provided a fresh problem as mudslides are destroying homes and the environment around them.

While the people affected by these terrifying natural occurrences are, of course, the number one priority, mother nature is taking a pretty big hit as well. Where the wildfires happened is obviously where many animals call home and the same with the mudslides. A lot of wildlife are having their homes destroyed also and are struggling to find food amidst the chaos.


It's times like these where people are hoping for a feel-good story to come out of all the destruction, and that has indeed happened. Some of those aforementioned misplaced animals came looking for food at a house in Monrovia in the form of a couple of bear cubs. The bears hopped over the wall and into the garden with the likely intention of going through the trash. The trouble is there was one thing those cubs didn't account for.

That one thing was the house in question's vicious guard dog. We say vicious, as you can see from the video it was just a French Bulldog who believed herself to be a lot bigger than she actually is. The dog is named Jewel and as is evident by the security footage she was not heading back inside until those bears were off her property. At first, one of the cubs tries to scare her off, but Jewel is having none of it and chases both bears around the house until they scamper back over the fence in fear.

There's a saying that claims it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. California's Jewel is living proof of that. She may have been seriously outsized and also outnumbered by the intruding bears, but there was no way that she was going to let them come any closer to her house than the front porch.


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