Dog Rescued From Being Hit By Car Thanks To Another Dog

Good Morning America shared an incredible video that showed a border collie saving a chihuahua from being hit by a car. The hosts were amazed that the collie was aware of the danger that the other dog could potentially face.

The heartwarming scene was captured on a surveillance video that showed the border collie rushing to save the tiny chihuahua from getting run over by an unsuspecting SUV driver who was pulling out of a parking space. The collie grabbed the tiny dog away mere seconds before it would have been hit by the car in Gaspé City, Québec in Canada.

The chihuahua appeared to get stuck in the snow while following his collie friend. The two were playing fetch with their owner before the incident, yet when the collie realized her friend was in danger, she selflessly ran over to him and brought him to safety.

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The SUV driver, after seeing the collie in her rearview mirror, stopped immediately. ”I saw something in my mirror. First, I thought I had crushed my dog,” the unnamed driver said. After finding out that both dogs were safe, the driver got out of the SUV and hugged the two.

In the US, nearly 1.2 million dogs and 5.4 million cats are killed on the road each year. In most cases, the animals are struck because they cannot be seen by the driver, who often spots the dog or cat once it is too late. At night, the risk of unknowingly hitting a dog increases dramatically.

Experts have a number of recommendations to keep your pets safe from cars. LED dog collars and LED leashes can make you and your dog more visible to oncoming traffic at night.

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Oftentimes, dogs who get hit by cars can act as if nothing has happened since they have a tendency to hide their pain. This survival instinct is useful in the wild since weakness can get you hurt or killed, yet if your dog is struck by a car, it is necessary to get them to the veterinarian or the emergency veterinary clinic immediately even if they show no signs of injury.

If the dog is unconscious after being struck, it is helpful to bring along someone else in the car since the dog may wake up and act out while you are driving. Also, be sure to call the clinic to let them know that you’re on your way so they can prepare the proper facilities.

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