This Pup's Separation Anxiety Is A Thing Of The Past Thanks To His Mannequin

An elderly dog has been cured of his separation anxiety thanks to some out of the box thinking and a sharply dressed mannequin.

Whether or not to bring a dog into your house and family is a decision that should not be taken lightly. While most of us like the idea of owning a dog in principle, caring for a pup can be a lot more work than you expect. Especially if you choose to adopt a rescue dog. There's often no way of knowing what a rescue dog has been through before it arrives with you.

Rescue or not, many dogs suffer from something known as separation anxiety. You may have experienced this before but not been aware of the fact that it has a name. It is effectively exactly what it says on the tin. Your dog being led to believe that every time it is left alone, their owner will never return.


Shorty the pug suffers from a very specific type of separation anxiety. He doesn't only get anxious when left alone, but specifically when one of his owners Marc is not at home. That's an issue as Marc is away a lot for work, reports Bored Panda. The 15-year-old pup basically traveled everywhere with his human for more than a decade. However, he is now too old to do so and does not like being left at home while Marc is away.

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Marc's wife Kristen is the one left at home to deal with a broken-hearted Shorty every time her husband leaves the house. However, an out-there suggestion by her mom has eased Shorty's anxiety massively. A Marc mannequin. Kristen originally thought it would be nothing more than a cute photo op. However, as you can see above, Shorty genuinely believes the inanimate object is his beloved owner.

Now that Shorty's anxiety is no longer an issue, Marc and Kristen can return to caring for the rest of their dogs, of which they have 32. Don't worry, they've not gone insane. The happy couple runs Vintage Pet Rescue, a charity that cares for elderly dogs just like Shorty. If you want to support them or make a donation, you can do so by clicking here.


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