Adorable Doggo Sets World Record For 'Most Tricks Performed In A Minute' With 49 Feats

Hero, a five-year-old border collie, has broken the Guinness World Record for most dog tricks performed in one minute. Though the collie knows hundreds of tricks, he completed 49 in 60 seconds, nearly twice as many as the previous record.

Hero’s owner, Sara Carson, has been training her companion since he was a 4-month-old rescue puppy. The pair has traveled the world showing off his amazing skills.

According to Hero’s website, “My name is Hero and I grew up in Ontario, Canada but am currently traveling the USA with my human, whose name is Sara. We were recently hired full time by Stunt Dog Productions!​“I go on many adventures with Sara. We have traveled all across North America, Performing at events small and large! We have met some awesome people and have entertained some pretty important people. Starting at the young age of 4 months old, I became the world’s youngest champion trick dog! I knew over 60 tricks back then and currently know hundreds!"

The duo performed on the 12th season of America’s Got Talent, making it to the finals. They have also appeared on The Ellen Show and The Late Show With David Letterman.

“The pair has been best friends since the very beginning, even when Sara’s family and friends didn’t support her career choice as a dog trainer,” says the Guinness website. “She adopted him at a time when she really needed hope and someone to save her, which is how Hero got his name.

“Now after several television opportunities, a growing fanbase and a Guinness World Records title, the two have much to be proud of.”

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Carson has three other dogs: Marvel, Loki, and Stark, which she adopted from owners who couldn’t control them. “Right now, I’m getting dogs that are too crazy to be living in a family home. People see videos like mine and think “I want a border collie. They’re so smart, they’re so cute, they do tricks. And then they find out they are a full-time job.”

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