Good Dog Saves Owner's Life By Sniffing Out Owner's Cancer Three Times

If you need another reason to love dogs, know that this one saved her owner's life by sniffing out her cancer not once, but three times! Known for their great sense of smell, Stephanie Herfel's dog was the first one to know that there was something wrong with her.

Stephanie Herfel first began experiencing abdominal pain in 2013. Her doctor prescribed her some antibiotics for what he diagnosed as an ovarian cyst, but her dog Sierra reacted strongly when smelling Stephanie's lower stomach. Sierra became anxious and distressed even going so far to hide in a closet. Stephanie decided to seek a second opinion from a gynecologist who gave Stephanie a series of tests ultimately diagnosing her with stage three ovarian cancer. A diagnosis that wouldn't have come so quickly without Sierra's super sense of smell.

Via Stephanie Herfel

She was diagnosed before her cancer spread throughout her body. Herfel underwent a hysterectomy and took chemotherapy drugs until 2014. She thought she was in the clear until Sierra once again began reacting anxiously and hiding in the closet again. Medical tests found that her cancer had returned in her liver in 2015 and came back once again in her pelvic area in 2016.

The Good News Network alerted all of us to this sweet dog with a special talent for sniffing out trouble. Sierra is a Siberian Husky who was just two years old when she first found her owner's cancer.

Herfel isn't the only one Sierra was able to detect an issue with. Sierra hid in the closet once when a friend who was in cancer remission was visiting the home and was also wary of a worker who came into the home to help during a remodel. In that instance, Herfel and her husband notified the man's boss of Sierra's reaction just in case he had a medical problem as well.

Herfel is forever grateful to her sweet pup for saving her life three times. Without Sierra's super sense of smell, Herfel's outcome may not have been so positive.

Aren't dogs amazing?! We really don't deserve them. How many treats and belly rubs do you think Sierra deserves? What amazing things has your dog done for you?

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