Dog Miraculously Survives Apartment Fire And Is Found In Destroyed Building Two Days Later

A dog that was assumed to have perished in an apartment fire was found alive two days later, walking away with an underdog story we can really get behind.

In Harrisonburg, Virginia, a blaze tore through The Hills at Southview apartment complex, destroying almost everything in its path. Residents who were inside escaped safely, but those who were out of the apartment at the time of the fire received a devastating call to alert them of the damage. Kayla Blake, a Madison University student, got the call and immediately asked if her dog, Rebel, had been rescued.

Rebel was adopted by Blake three years prior to the fire from Richmond Animal League and the two quickly became inseparable. Since we know you’ve got a soft spot for rescue dogs, it’s only fair to warn you that the answer Blake received about Rebel's fate wasn’t great.

via: dailymail.co.uk

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A K-9 Unit had to pass along the unfortunate news that it was highly unlikely Rebel was able to survive the flames. According to WHSV-TV, Blake was told, "even if he hadn't fallen through a floor or anything…he would have died just from the heat."

"Hysterical", Blake was told she wouldn’t be able to survey the damage yet, as it was unsafe to go to what was left of the third floor. She returned two days later to see if there was anything to salvage from her charred, blackened apartment. That’s when she heard a familiar bark.

Blake immediately alerted Harrisonburg Fire Department, who climbed up through debris to what was left of the third floor.

"Within a few minutes, you know, five, six minutes, one of the firefighters, I heard him yell, 'We got him!'" Blake told WHSV-TV. "And, he looked out the window and gave me a thumbs up,

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Miraculously, Rebel survived the blaze by hiding under a desk. A video posted to ABC News' Twitter page shows Rebel being rescued from the gutted building, met with the roaring sound of applause.

Relatively unscathed, he escaped the fire with only a burn to his nose and a ten-pound weight loss.

So what’s next for the lucky pup?

"He goes everywhere with me, so he's definitely gonna be a part of the part of my journey wherever I end up after this," Blake said.

Whether it be dogs saving humans from fires or the other way around, we truly love dog rescue and survival stories of any kind. We hope Rebel got lots of treats and love after his rescue. He might even deserve a nice cold dog beer.

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