Dog Trapped On Roof Thanks Fireman That Saved Him

Whenever a cat ends up being stuck on the roof of a house, very few people are worried, since the cats tend to have a great grip and they can also handle themselves with ease. Besides, rescuing a cat is relatively easy, because cats don’t grow up to be too big or cause any trouble. But then, what can a person do when their dog ends up getting stuck on the roof. A dog which doesn’t have the same grip that a cat does, and is certainly much bigger than any cat? Yikes. 

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Well, that’s exactly what a fireman captain by the name of Jeff Nawfel started wondering recently when he saw it happen to a dog in the town. Somehow, a dog named Jasper managed to get himself on the roof of a house at Wells, Maine, so the firefighters were immediately called in order to make an emergency rescue and to avoid having the dog suffer an unfortunate fate. But thankfully, despite the dog’s family and their panicking, Jasper was completely cool with the entire situation and wasn’t scared at all. So when the firefighters arrived at the house, the dog was pacing around on the roof, which they assume he reached through a window, that then closed behind him.

Although this entire situation was somewhat challenging for the firefighters, Captain Nawfel immediately knew what to do. So he had another firefighter climb to the top of the house along with him, so they could rescue the stuck dog, by having him escorted inside his own house.

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And fortunately, someone managed to capture the entire rescue on video, which also shows us how Nawfel received a very sweet thank you from Jasper after being rescued. As you can see, right before Jasper was sent back inside the same window he escaped from, he turns around and gives the firefighter captain a big kiss on his face. The video was also posted on the Wells Fire Department’s Facebook page, and it immediately went viral.

Wells Fire Department Captain Jeff Nawfel was able to save this beautiful dog who managed to get out onto his roof and got stuck. Thanks Captain Nawfel. Video by Officer Steve McDonald Wells Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 4652

Posted by Wells Maine Police on Sunday, May 27, 2018

The husky with the spirit of an explorer was finally safe, and the entire rescue was sealed with an adorable kiss.


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