10 Dogs Who Adopted Other Animals

Maternal instincts are embedded into every mother. No woman can deny the overwhelming sense of joy when giving birth to a newborn. We often hear new mothers describe a feeling of bliss upon seeing their child for the first time. Instincts take over and all one can think of is protecting their child. Not only is this true for humans, but animals as well.

Dogs, for example, have the same motherly intuitions as human mothers. In some cases, they’ll even adopt other animals as their own. Here are 10 cute pics of adoptive doggy parents.

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10 Like Mother Like Daughter

Unfortunately, some mothers just aren’t ready for motherhood. On an Australian farm, this little lamb was rejected by its mother when it was only a few months old. Luckily, Zoe, the Dalmatian, stepped in and cared for the baby lamb. Though Zoe was unable to have children of her own, it’s nice to know that both animals found a home in each other. Anyone who's anyone can see these two belong together. Just look at their cute, matching coats! They’re practically twins!

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9 Feeding Time!

A Springer Spaniel that knows how to bottle-feed babies is a trick every human mother needs to teach their pet. According to European farm owner Louise Moorhouse, her Spaniel Jess helps with feeding the sheep on her 180-acre farm. She taught Jess how to hold the bottle and now she’s practically caring for the sheep. Jess seems more than happy to help out, not only because it’s her job, but because she cares for her adopted sheep family. The little sheep looks so happy!

8 Doggy Daddy To The Rescue

This next dog proves that paternal instincts are just as important as maternal ones. Australian Shepperd Blakely works as the on-staff-nanny at the Cincinnati Zoo and has just received a new litter of Malayan Tiger cubs for which to care. With Blakely’s extensive background in caring for baby cheetahs, warthogs, and wallabies—just to name a few— it’s clear he’s the right pooch for the job. Though they’ll be moving to another zoo soon, at least the family has had time to take a bonding selfie.

7 Quack!

Being a single parent usually means working late nights and feeding several mouths. Raising children alone is a tough job and at times, it can become daunting. In the end, though, it can become a rewarding experience if you make it so. This doggy dad certainly got rewarded with kisses from his nine adopted ducklings in this photo. The 10-year-old Yellow Lab adopted the ducklings after their mother went missing. The senior and his nine kids have been inseparable ever since.

6 All Nice And Clean For Mommy

Years ago, dog breeds were taught to hunt big game such as fowl, quail, and deer. Some do so to this day. However, there are just some dogs can be so darn nurturing that even years of training couldn’t fix it. This pooch clearly has a mother’s touch as she offers to groom the deer fawn. With deer’s mother nowhere in sight, it appears the dog has adopted the fawn.

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5 A New Addition To The Family

In Harpswell, Maine, a woman by the name of Georgette Curran nursed two abandoned baby squirrels back to health. Her Chihuahua, Norma, who had just given birth to two pups, stepped in to nurse and care for the creatures, clearly having a soft spot like her owner. Eventually, once it had matured, one of the sibling squirrels returned to the wild. The other, later named Tommy, stayed behind and lived with his adoptive mother for six whole years.

4 A Monkey That Thinks It’s A Dog

At a Russian Zoo, a baby Chimpanzee was ignored and abandoned his mother which lead one of the staff members to take in the poor animal. Their bull mastiff immediately took a liking to the Chimp and decided to care for the monkey as if it one of her own. There are cute, cuddle photo’s like this of the monkey snuggling up to his adopted mother and siblings circulating the internet. Others show the baby Chimpanzee eating from its food bowl alongside its doggy brothers and sisters.

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3 The Loving Giant

After Floridan pet owner, Lorrie Rivera’s dog, a 10-year-old Akita named Lilyrescued an abandoned kitten at a nearby park, they took the small animal to a local Humane Society office. However, the staff refused the kitten due to her young age. They’d have to wait a month before they could properly place the kitten. Rivera decided to care for the cute kitten, only to have Lilly take on the parenting role later on. Lily hasn’t had much experience with cats but she and the adorable kitten got along just fine.

2 Father Of The Year

Easter can be a fun time of the year that can involve eating candy and Easter bunnies and finding dyed-colored eggs. For Snarky the Pitbull, this wasn’t an ordinary Easter holiday filled with fun and games. Instead, he found a baby cottontail rabbit hiding in his backyard. Unable to resist the tiny bunny’s cuteness, he decided to adopt it as his own. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a doggy dad care for his baby rabbit. Snarky certainly deserves the father-of-the-year award.

1 Dog Adopts Opossums

Unfortunately, tragic stories are common in the world of animals. Pet behaviorist Stephanie Maldonado rescued a group of baby opossums after they lost their mother to the demolition of a property in Brazil. She later took them in into her home, only to have her dog Pretinha step in to care for the opossums. In the photo, you can see the baby opossums climbing atop of their doggy mother. This behavior seems a bit un-doglike, but it’s quite normal for joeys to climb onto the backs of their mothers. It’s a natural thing.

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