Dogs Pay More Attention When Spoken To In "Dog-Language"

Anyone who has a dog has a special voice they use when speaking to their furry best friend. Most of the time it is a higher pitched, squeakier voice that is reserved for Fido. Well, as it turns out dogs just might pay more attention to us when we speak in those special dog voices.

According to The New York Post, science is now saying that people should talk to their dogs in a baby voice! A team of researchers in the United Kingdom wanted to see if there was any benefit to people speaking to their pets in this manner. After all, it is not like the dog is going to tell you which of your voice pitches he or she wants you to speak in (although that would be awesome).

The researchers borrowed 37 pet dogs from volunteers and ran a series of tests. Each dog was brought into a room on a leash with two different people, who each used a different vocal tone to speak to the dog. Their attention to each person was measured, as well as how long they stayed near each person once the leash was removed.

What the study unveiled is that a higher pitched speech, or rather almost baby talk speech, grabbed and held the dog’s attention for longer. The study was published in Animal Cognition, and refers to the specific type of speech as "dog-directed speech". However, the age of the dog did influence whether or not the dog-directed speech worked better or not.

Puppies would respond to the higher tone regardless of what words were being said to them. Adult and older dogs responded more when the words pertained directly to them, like walk, food, or outside. Words that were not going to directly impact their lives at that moment didn’t hold their attention as much.

The study really proves that dog-directed speech and using words that are relevant to the dog will hold their attention the longest. If you think about your dog, it totally makes sense. Everyone has times when they are talking to the dog about how cute they are, or how much they love them and they just stare at their owners, especially when they use the baby voice. Well, now we all know why.

Be honest, who is now going to go test this theory on their dog? Let us know in the comments!


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