Dog's Rendition Of 'Toxic' Is Better Than The Original Version

This dog can sing Britney’s 2003 hit “Toxic” better than she can.

Well, maybe not sing so much as howl. Maybe not perform the vocals so much as play the accompanying violins. He is still a dog, after all.

Let’s back up. Meet Riley, a three-year-old Blue Heeler, also known as an Australian sheepdog. They’re known for their intelligence, loyalty, and near-endless stamina. They’re not particularly known for their vocal prowess, but every so often a natural-born prodigy arrives, and Riley just so happens to be it.

It’s hard to deny Riley’s talent. With over 181,000 retweets, 442,000 likes, and over 5 million views, it seems that most of the world will know of Riley’s dulcet tones before too long.

The video was posted to owner Matt Hardin’s Twitter feed last Friday. It almost immediately went viral as people began pointing out the oddly melodious nature of Riley’s howl and made the comparison to the violin hook from Spears’ Grammy Award-winning song “Toxic”.

We think the notes are spot on, but you be the judge.

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Matt told the story himself in an accompanying video on YouTube. Late Thursday night, a big storm rolled through his neighborhood and he decided to go watch it with his trusty dog by his side. Riley, being a dog, got a little riled up from the natural light show and started to howl. Matt found the whole thing amusing and captured it on Snapchat.

Shortly after Riley hit that iconic hook, Matt stopped recording and then went back to rewatch what he’d snapped. After thirty renditions or so, he realized that his dog had somehow whined out the notes to “Toxic”.

Consider the original source material, which Matt himself posted to his Twitter to drive the point home.

Matt is really hoping that this video eventually makes its way to Britney herself, who is currently on her Piece of Me tour. Although, he did say that if Britney were to see his video, he’d immediately “drop dead right then and there.” So maybe it’s better she never hears about it.

Either way, we know who to call if Britney ever comes down with the flu while on tour.

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