10 Dollar Store DIYs To Instantly Transform Your Apartment

Decorating and organizing an entire apartment can seem like an expensive, daunting task,  but it doesn’t have to be! It’s easy to save money without compromising the stylishness of your space if you’re willing to be a little bit creative and put in some effort.

The dollar store is an awesome place to find items to make your own DIY décor and projects for less than half the price if you were to buy the item at a normal retail store. You can find anything from items to help you organize your drawers and cabinets better, to items that will allow you to create dupes for items you’ve seen on Pinterest. With a little spray paint or Mod Podge it’s easy to make it look like you spent a fortune when in reality it was only a couple of bucks.

Check out these 10 Dollar Store DIYs that will instantly transform your space and promise to make your life a bit more organized. This is proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home stylish and welcoming. A little patience, creativity, and time go a long way, and will help prevent you from breaking your budget.

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10 Picture Frame Terrarium

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Just take a look at Pinterest and you’ll realize that succulents are all the rage now! Rather than spending 30 bucks at Urban Outfitters or Anthropology, it’s easy to create your own terrarium at home with supplies from the dollar store, so you can show off your plant collection in style. Simply buy some picture frames that are in the same color. You could paint or spray paint them so they’re not matching. Glue them together to create the shape of a house. Stick your real or fake plants inside for an aesthetically pleasing way of organizing them that’s both cute and cheap!

9 A Leaf Bowl

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Nothing says fall like having a bowl made out of leaves! This stunning décor element can be recreated using products from the dollar store.

Buy some silk leaves from the dollar store, and then glue them to a balloon using Mod Podge in order to form the shape of the bowl. When the glue dries, pop the balloon and you’ll be left with a stylish bowl that you can use to hold knick-knacks around your house. You can recreate this DIY with tons of other products, like switching the leaves for fake flowers come summer time.

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8 Drop Cloth Curtains

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Buying curtains can be expensive, even though it’s only large strands of material hanging from your window. But this means it’s also easy to recreate them without spending a fortune!

All you need to do in order to DIY your very own curtains is pick up some drop cloths from your local dollar store. Chances are they’ll have a variety of colors to choose from. Then you can hang them from the tension rod with drapery ring clips. The best part is there’s no sewing involved, so you have no excuse not to attempt this DIY project!

7 Shower Caddy Mail Organizer

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It’s convenient to have something right by your front door where you can easily organize everything from your mail to your keys to your sunglasses.

Rather than investing in a piece of furniture or shelf to do the trick, we suggest repurposing a shower caddy! Pick up a cheap shower caddy at the Dollar Store and spray paint it into a color you like. Hang it to the wall right beside your front door, so you can easily pop your everyday essentials in it when you’re coming in or out. Shower caddies are great organizational tools to utilize in multiple areas of your house, so the options are endless.

6 Stylish Wall Mirror

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Adding mirrors to your space will instantly make the area feel larger and brighter, so it’s a no-brainer if you’re looking to give your home a facelift.

You don’t need to go far or spend a lot to get a cute mirrored art piece. We suggest buying small mirrors or even mirrored coasters from the dollar store and getting a bit creative. Glue the mirrors onto a canvas or wooden frame into the shape you want, and then hang the piece from the wall. It will immediately create a stunning work of art that’s bound to get tons of compliments without breaking your budget!

5 Decorative Storage Boxes

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Many people seem to think that finding a stylish way to organize their home can be difficult and pricey, but not if you take the dollar store route!

The dollar store has tons of cute boxes and buckets that can serve as a way to organize your junk. Pick up some small containers, as well as some spray paint so you can make them match your décor. Then set them up on a shelf where they’re both easily accessible and add to the décor. Even more, most dollar stores carry collapsible storage boxes or under-the-bed storage, so there’s no reason to drop a nice penny at Amazon to get the same product. Easy peasy!

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4 Plastic Drawer Organizers

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Considering that you probably have at least a dozen drawers in your apartment, you probably think it’s not a worthwhile investment to drop a few hundred bucks at the Container Store on organizational products for them. So we suggest hitting up the dollar store.

It’s easy to find a large selection of plastic drawer organizers that will help to keep your junk sorted. Throw a couple of organizers in your makeup vanity to keep your products separated by type. Use them to keep school supplies neat and tidy in your desk so you’ll be even more productive. Despite this being such an easy hack, we promise it will transform your life and motivate you to keep even more organized.

3 Fake Flower Display

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Having flowers and greenery in your home easily freshens up the look of the place, and brings a bit of color into the home. But, we all know how expensive it is constantly buying fresh flowers, so fake is usually the route to go.

Rather than hitting up Urban Outfitters or Homesense to find a gorgeous faux flower display, you can easily make one yourself with a simple trip to the dollar store. Most dollar stores have a fake flower section where you can hand-pick a bouquet to fit your style. Pick a decorative vase and glass pebbles to fit the bottom with at the dollar store, too.  Then style your DIY bouquet when you get home.

2 Organized Spice Cabinet

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If you love cooking or just adding a bit of zest to your meals, then chances are you have quite the collection of spices. Rather than investing in a pricey spice rack, we suggest going to the dollar store to get ideas for how to organize your spices.

Most of the time, you can find small containers that you can easily stack on top of one another. Label each one and then put the corresponding spice into the container. Your spice shelf will look all the more aesthetically pleasing, and it will be ten times easier to grab what you need.

1 Colorful Pencil Holders

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Everyone needs a pencil holder or two on top of their desk to hold their school supplies. Or, if you’re a makeup lover, then you'll also need a couple to hold your makeup brushes.

If you want to customize your own pencil holder on a budget, go the DIY route. Either save old cans or pick up a few at the dollar store. By using craft paper you can also get there, glue or Mod Podge it onto the can in order to get a pretty design. Let it dry, and then arrange your highlighters and pens or makeup brushes inside of it.

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