Donald Glover And Childish Gambino Have Been Two Different People To Cardi B...Until Now

Even though the answer is quite conclusive, the debate continues to rage on over whether actor Donald Glover and hip-hop act Childish Gambino occupy the same body. That lingering dispute was easily solved way back on May 7th, when Glover hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live, which also booked Childish Gambino as the music act for the evening.

Still, some folks, including Cardi B, missed that. It's understandable in her case, what with the plethora of singles she's been dropping of late from her big-time album Invasion of Privacy, as well as two videos released less than a week apart. Then we have to take into account that she's dealing with a recent accident suffered by fiancee Offset, and the fact that she's in the third trimester of her pregnancy. With all of that is going on in the life of one of the world's hottest acts these days, it must be easy for a superstar like Cardi B to lose track of what else is going on in the world.

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Still, her tweet issued on May 24th, which was since deleted, mystified her fan base.

"It’s amazing how Donald Glover and Childish Gambino look soo much alike," she posted. "I think they secretly the same person!!! Soo dope!!"

That last sentence was probably her most poignant observation, as Childish Gambino's video for "This Is America" doubles as a political drubbing you can dance to. The semi-tonal bass loop with a beat that's more surreal than most hip-hop offerings serves as a tribal backdrop to Gambino's (OK, Glover's) takes on racism, greed, police brutality and government corruption in less than four minutes.

The official video has already registered some 216 million views on YouTube and bumped Drake's "Nice For What" off the top berth in Billboard's top-streaming songs chart, already galvanizing the tune as one of 2018's biggest musical offerings.

With all of this buzz surrounding Childish Gambino/Donald Glover, did Cardi B post that as a lark? Hard to tell, although it would have been great to witness subsequent posts to see the fan reactions over that remark. The deletion spoiled the fun about how those exchanges would have percolated.

At any rate, the tweet provided additional publicity fodder for Glover, who's also in the Star Wars franchise outing Solo, which zoomed into U.S. theaters on Friday. But in Glover's opening monologue on SNL, he put another pressing rumor to rest.

"Yes, I am Danny Glover's father."


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