Donkey Leads Herd Of Animals Out On The Town [Photo]

Police officers in California were shocked to see a donkey leading a herd of animals to a night out on the town.

The donkey and his herd were taking a little midnight stroll around town when police officers in West Covina, California notified about them. They were not doing any harm; they simply walked around enjoying the evening.

A donkey was the leader of the group as the goats followed him around for a late night walk in a residential area. Police officers were responding to a call regarding the pack of animals out on the town. They were not prepared for what they saw. Cops see all sorts of crazy and strange things in their time of work but nothing prepared these officers for this moment. It was so unusual it had to Tweeted.

“This morning at 0030 hrs WCPD was advised of a herd of animals led by a donkey walking the streets near Francisquito/Valinda, WCovina. The animals were located and safely corralled. The animals had escaped from a City of Valinda residence. Owner was located & took them home,” Tweeted the West Covina Police Department

How did this crazy pack end up in a residential area? Well, they escaped from their owner. There was reportedly an unsecured gate the animals found, so they made a run or rather a walk for it. Eventually, police were able to locate the owner, who picked up his donkey and goats.

Along with the social media message from the police, BuzzFeed has posted photos of the donkey leading a herd of animals on a little journey. Ever since the pictures were posted, the Internet has gone crazy with comments about these awesome pictures.

“lol... to funny and cute ... the donkey goes: let's go kids we are going for window shopping in the city," Tweeted @77tundi.

When a police officer reaches the end of his/her career, most of them will say “I’ve seen it all”. Well, let’s add one...

Posted by West Covina Police Department on Thursday, January 25, 2018

It is not every day that one sees a donkey leading a herd of goats on a stroll through the neighborhood. However, it happened the other night in West Covina and now the donkey and his friends are now a viral sensation. Animals they do the darndest things sometimes!

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