This DoorDash Initiative Puts The Spotlight On Immigrant-Owned Restaurants

On March 28th, DoorDash officially launched their initiative to highlight immigrant and refugee-owned restaurants in the area: “Kitchens Without Borders.” With the goal of fostering a more sustainable and inclusive food economy, the company wants to bring the hard work and passion of these people who came all the way to the USA to start a new life.

Those who leave their home country for a new life abroad are taking huge risks, and it can be quite daunting to begin again. However, these people uprooted their lives in search of better opportunities for themselves and their families, so the struggles are worth it for them in the end. Opening a restaurant or any food business is also a way of connecting their new community to their home culture, and this would be a wonderful idea that DoorDash is supporting.

The initiative was launched in the San Francisco Bay Area, and it aims to give these immigrant or refugee-owned restaurants more visibility. The company has a dedicated microsite to telling the stories of these amazing restaurant owners: from their reasons for moving to their passions for food. Each mini documentary gives not only their backgrounds, but also what their restaurant means to them.

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There are 10 participating restaurants, and each one is unique and wonderful in their own ways: Afghan Village, Besharam, D’Maize, Little Green Cyclo, Los Cilantros, Onigilly, Sabores del Sur, Sweet Lime Thai Cuisine, West Park Farm & Sea, and Z Zoul Café. You can discover cuisine from Sudan, Turkey, and Thailand—just to name a few. Each restaurant receives marketing support from DoorDash, $0 delivery fees for six weeks, and prime in-app placement to boost customer interest.

For now, the initiative is only present in the Bay Area. However, with the growing number of immigrants and refugees who open businesses in the country, the project may soon be seen in other parts of the US. The cause is also something very close to DoorDash’s CEO Tony Xu’s heart: “my mom ran a Chinese restaurant with the purpose of creating a better life and fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor. DoorDash was founded for people like my mom.”

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