10 Genius Ways To Create Storage In Your Dorm

School season is upon us! If you’re going away to university for the first time, then chances are you’ll be moving into a dorm in a matter of weeks. From always being surrounded to fellow students to being right on campus, dorms have a lot of amazing benefits that are sure to make your college experience amazing. But, with that being said, there are some downsides to living in a dorm. Namely, that you won’t have a lot of space!

Dorms are notorious for being extra tiny, so you likely won’t be able to take your entire collection of shoes along with you. Since they’re so small, that means you need to become extra creative when it comes to finding storage solutions. Though it can seem intimidating, there are tons of ways you can easily add storage to your dorm in order to make life easier.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 genius ways to create more storage for your stuff in your dorm. From buying multipurpose furniture to organizing the small spaces, we guarantee that these hacks will help you maximize the space, so you don’t feel squished in and overwhelmed. Let us know in the comments how you’re creating extra space in your dorm!

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10 Bed Risers For Under-The-Bed Storage

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The space under your bed is a great area to utilize if you need extra storage space. To maximize it even further, invest in a set of bed risers that will add extra height to your bed. Thus making it easier to store anything you need conveniently and out of sight.

Put things under your bed that you don’t need to access often, like your suitcase, off-season clothing, or extra school supplies. Purchase a bed skirt to then hide the clutter under your bed, so it will keep your dorm looking neat and tidy. Some bed risers come with extra features, like a built-in USB port to make charging your phone or iPad all the easier. Look for risers that will both increase the storage and functionality of your dorm.

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9 Get A Rolling Drawer Cart

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Chances are you don’t have enough space to buy another piece of furniture for your dorm, or else an extra bookshelf or dresser would be handy. If you find yourself in this situation, then consider investing in a rolling drawer cart instead.

You can easily find rolling drawer carts online at Ikea or Amazon for under $30. They’re small enough that you can tuck them in a corner, under your desk, or even in your closet. But, since most of them come with wheels, it’s easy to roll around your room whenever you need to access it. Store anything from kitchen utensils, makeup, or even clothing to maximize the storage space in your dorm.

8 Invest In Stackable Crates

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It’s always a good idea to have some form of storage boxes or crates in your dorm that you can easily throw clutter into and have out of sight. We suggest picking up a few stackable crates, which you can find online at Amazon or in-person at places like the container store.

As their name suggests, you can stack these crates on top of one another, so it’s easy to pile them in an unused corner to free up floor or closet space. You can like the top of your closet with them, or stack them on the bottom in a shelf-like fashion. This is a great way to store extra clothing or school supplies, which you’ll still be able to access conveniently.

7 Buy Items With Built-In Storage

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The easiest way to create more storage in your dorm is to buy items that are multi-purpose and come with built-in storage! For instance, if you’re considering getting some extra seating for your room, pick up an ottoman that doubles as a storage container. You can put anything from shoes or blankets inside, but no one will think twice about it when they use it as a comfy seat. Plus it’s fashionable!

The same goes if you’re looking to buy a nightstand, a laundry hamper, or a lamp. Always look for products that will allow you some extra storage space. Believe us, you’ll be happy you did this when you end up needing somewhere to throw your clutter!

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6 Acrylic Drawers For Your Desk

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Chances are you have a desk or vanity in your dorm room that is begging for some organizational help. Rather than just putting a cup or two out for pencils and makeup brushes, we suggest investing in a set of acrylic drawers to really maximize the space.

Stacking acrylic drawers on top of each other gives you an area to store anything from extra makeup to beauty products to school supplies. Since the drawers are see-through, you’ll easily be able to see what’s inside and grab what you need in a jiffy. Plus, acrylic is all the rage nowadays, so it’ll make a fashionable statement while serving a practical need.

5 Buy A Foldable TV Tray

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If you need extra countertop space in your dorm but don’t want to clutter the room with more furniture, then a foldable TV tray is your best option. It’s easy to take the tray out and use it when you need it. It can double as a board game table, a tray for your laptop, or a place to eat your food that isn’t your desk or bed.

You can take it out when you have friends over to give them a place to rest their phones or beverages. But, because it’s foldable, you can easily tuck it into a corner or your closet when it’s not in use, thus freeing up your dorm’s precious floor space.

4 Use A Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer

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Even though you know you probably don’t need all of them, we’re guessing you brought a lot of shoes to college with you! Shoes can be difficult to store in a tiny space. You don’t want to throw them in a bin because then it gets disorganized, but you don’t have the floor space to have a shoe rack. That’s why an over-the-door shoe organizer is your best bet.

Simply hang the organizer over your closet door or the front door of your dorm, and easily arrange your shoes in it. This will make it easy to see what shoes you own so you can quickly grab the ones you need while heading out of the door. Plus, you’ll never have a reason to store your shoes on the floor again!

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3 Put A Bulletin Board To Use

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A bulletin board is a must-have if you’re moving into a dorm! It can serve multiple purposes that you may not have even thought of. For one, if you hang it above your desk, you can put important reminders or documents that you need while you’re studying. It’s also a great way to display photos or other memorabilia that has sentimental value.

Another great use is hanging your jewelry on the bulletin board with the help of push pins. You can stick everything from jewelry to earrings on it in a way that’s fashionable and also makes it easy to grab and go.

2 Stick Command Hooks To The Wall

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You must stick up some command hooks if you’re moving into a new dorm! Using command hooks means you’re not going to create any damage on your dorm’s walls, but it gives you a convenient way to hang up anything you need. Use it as a way to store your big collection of purses, and also hang them in a stylish design.

Put the clothes that you’ve worn but don’t want to wash right now, or hang up your jackets. Store your jewelry on the wall with these hooks. Plus, you’ll need a convenient place to hang your towel after using the communal showers.

1 Get Under-The-Bed Storage Containers

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We’ve already talked about how helpful it can be increasing the space under your bed by using bed risers. Why not take things to the next level by investing in under-the-bed storage containers. You can get these for as cheap as $20 online at Amazon. They allow you to conveniently store your things and zip them up, then just shove them under the bed.

Most containers feature handles that will make it easy to pull the package out from under the bed when you need it. These containers are also great to use in your closet if you need some help organizing all your stuff in there, too. Happy organizing!

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