A Double Pictionary Proposal For This Perfect Couple

A double Pictionary proposal happened for one perfect couple and it was all caught on video thanks to the help of one loving mom. This couple is perfect because they each planned to pop the question to the other, and with a little help both their dreams came true in a Pictionary style proposal. How cool and in sync is this couple?

According to Cosmopolitan, Tori Monaco and her girlfriend Berkley Cade are so in love with each other that they both planned to propose to the other at the exact same time. Monaco is a senior at the University of Texas and Cade is in U.S Air Force. They have been together for over a year. They each knew the other was the one, and began planning to take the next step in their relationship.

Cade has been planning to propose since last September and Monaco since January. However, neither was quite sure what how to do it, so they each enlisted the help of Cade’s mom Kristy. Once Kristy realized each of the ladies was planning to pop the question, she put a master plan in motion. She convinced both of them to propose at the Cade family home on the same night, without the other knowing or having any indication of the other one’s plan.

Kristy’s plan included a game of Pictionary, which Monaco kicked off by having Cade draw a picture of a proposal. She drew a little stick figure couple, the clue then prompted Monaco to drop to one knee as her girlfriend looked at her shocked and confused. However, once she realized what was happening, Cade pulled out her own ring and also dropped to one knee.

The video of these two so-in-love women trying to propose to the other, while laughing and crying, is one of the sweetest moments ever. They both finally got the words out and both finally said yes. It didn’t take long for them to realize Kristy had masterminded the whole double proposal, which brought more laughter and tears.

Berkley Cade and her girlfriend Tori Monaco both proposed to each other at the same time in an unforgettable moment. They are getting married this September.

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