Dr. Phil Brings The Heat In 'Drop The Mic' Battle With James Corden

When Chris Rock coined the term "Bring the Pain," which was the title of an Emmy award-winning HBO special some years back, such an excruciating display of amateur wordplay was hardly likely what he had in mind.

Care to hazard a guess about the confrontation at hand? It was none other than Dr. Phil, that dispenser of domestic wisdom to afternoon TV diehards, taking on late-night host James Corden, on the TBS broadcast of Drop the Mic that took place Sunday, June 3rd.

The premise was pure kitsch from start to finish. Naturally, a boxing motif formed the backdrop for this verbal summit, which saw the two celebs locked and loaded in a bareknuckle round that had quizzical eyebrows elevate to heights exceeding the orbit of the International Space Station.

Armed with a rapier wit that defies his aw-shucks demeanor, Dr. Phil McGraw honed his jabbering smarts, that he has gleaned from taking on his share of deadbeat daddies and spoiled adolescents on his syndicated show. Then there was Corden, whose own humor hasn't been enough to overtake rivals like Seth Myers, his biggest chat-oriented competitor, compounded by his 0-12 track record of previous Drop the Mic challenges.

Fortunately, they didn't strip down to trunks while sizing each other up, preferring to stay in suits as they tried to knock each other out with oral uppercuts and presumably hilarious haymakers. The musical beds were pure old school, with antiquated beatbox rhythms that recalled the likes of LLCoolJ and Grandmaster Flash. If Cardi B, Kanye West, and Jay Z were tuning in to take notes on the televised altercation, chances are every sheet on their pads would have remained blank when all was said and done.


Was credibility on the line? Probably not for Cordon, who's nowhere near as famous as his opponent, although his first shots were directed at the good doctor's audience.

"Dr. Phil is really famous and he has a huge reach," he rapped, "if you live in a trailer and you have no teeth."

As for Dr. Phil, a champion of good old-fashioned morality, he delivered a few lines that required really strong thumbs on the censorship button, as he took issue with Corden's  physique for starters.

As for anyone still dying to know about the outcome, Dr. Phil won.


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