Dr. Phil Posted A Mustache-less Photo And The Internet Nearly Lost It

"Dr. Phil, we mustache you a question now, we can't shave it for later!" is what Dr. Phil's  Twitter followers were asking when his account recently posted a photo of the advice-dispensing talk show host minus one of his most distinguishable physical traits - his mustache.  The Twitter-verse nearly collapsed into itself at the shocking sight.

It all began on Monday when the 68-year-old psychiatrist with a list of credentials nearly as long as the years his popular but sometimes cringe-worthy show has been on the air posted a photo of his mustache-less self on Twitter with the caption, "Well... I did it."

The photo appeared to be completely credible as the background showed a table with various items that one might find in a salon such as a hairdryer. All the more telling that this was no Photoshop-job was the black cape and white towel collar the good doctor was wearing. But, the most damning piece of evidence had to be the razor in his hand!


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Twitter users immediately began commenting to expressly communicate their distress.

"UNDO BUTTON," one comment read while another user wrote, "Phil, no, why? I am crying so hard." Some users were rather melodramatic with their feelings, writing, "This is the saddest moment in history" and strangely enough, "Daddy, no!" Other users had fun comparing the famous man to other iconic mustache-less characters such as the yellow peanut M&M, Mr. Clean and even and an "old Michael Scott."

But mostly, it was just pure sadness and confusion that spread online that Monday morning. That is, until a little after 5 p.m., when Phil finally fessed up and posted a video of himself, fully 'stached as usual, with the caption, "APRIL PHILS!"


It seems that many of Dr. Phil's fans forgot that this Monday was April Fools' Day and fully bought into the prank, but we can all breathe deeply and go back to our happy places now knowing that it was all just a hoax for the sake of funsies.

Now, at the risk of stirring the Twitter pot up again, is it just us here at TheThings or is Dr. Phil sans mustache not the worst thing ever? Eh, whatever floats your Dr. Phil boat.

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But for those who happen to prefer a mustache-free Phil, we dug out a photo of a smooth-faced and cleanly-shaven young Phil McGraw. It looks as though that is the only way we are going to see him truly facial hair-free as he doesn't seem to have any plans to get cozy with a razor anytime soon.

Keep on keepin' on, Dr. Prankster!

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