18 Dragon Ball Cosplays That Missed The Mark (+1 That Nailed It)

Who would have thought for even a single second that there could be Dragon Ball cosplayers out there whose outfits actually look nothing like the characters they are trying to pull off? Sure, they might resemble some Dragon Ball character or or even a completely different fictional character, but just never the one they want.

Well, lucky for everyone, here are 19 ridiculous Dragon Ball cosplays that just don't work for various and often obvious reasons... and then one cosplay that we just had to throw in as an absurd punch in the face to the rest of the Dragon Ball "cosplayers" on this list. Let's get Super Saiyan on these guys and gals!

19 Mr. Popo


How? How does someone even think that this is ok? Never mind the obvious insult that this sort of cosplay might be associated with, this is actually just a bad Dragon Ball cosplay. His makeup isn't fully done. He's got patches of skin still showing on his face and stomach...and the rest is rubbing off onto his white pants... wow.

18 Majin Boo


Bless this girl, she does look so sweet and innocent... and that is actually part of the reason why her cosplay does not quite work for Majin Boo. We are not quite sure what she reminds us of... a Power Puff Girl? Jiggly Puff? Kirby? We don't know, but she looks too sweet and is missing that Earthworm Jim bit on the top of her head.

17 Android 18


We are sort of confused by this one. Alright, we've got the striped shirt (with the stripes going the right way) and we've got the jean jacket. That seems pretty clear enough. But what is going on with the hair here? Yeah, ok, it's a wig... but if a cosplayer is going to be serious and get a wig for the character anyway, then why not get one that actually suits the character?

16 Goku


Well, we can't fault this girl for not getting the colors right. She's got that down. The cut of the outfit might be a bit misleading and may make people think of something other than the accuracy of the cosplay itself, but we have to say, no matter how alluring this is, she's got to do something with the hair and put a bit more effort into that outfit.

15 Frieza


Sure, this would be Frieza if he happened to be in the G.I. Joe cartoon and was working for Cobra. This actually reminds us of a character from the G.I. Joe toy line back in the 90s. Don't get us wrong, it's a really cool cosplay, we just think that he would be better off calling himself Storm Shadow or some other Joe name. Not Frieza.

14 Raditz


Why, hello there! We cannot deny that this cosplayer has got some things really going for her. First of all, she is incredibly attractive. Second of all, her Dragon Ball-styled armor definitely fits the bill. However, there are a few things about Raditz that are missed here. There are some coloring issues with that armor...and what about the giant hair! That's his defining feature. She could just be “Dark Goku” at this point.

13 Chiaotzu


This poor kid does not even realize that his parents care very little about his appearance as a serious cosplayer. Realistically, the kid doesn't likely care either but we would like to think that when he's older he will look back and give his parents a what-for about how little detail they put into his outfit. It would actually be so easy to get this right... especially with such tiny clothes!

12 Majin Boo


Alright, we can't fault this guy for trying and being quite inspiring with his low-cost cosplay but we just have to say that a foot stool with bottles attached just doesn't quite work for Majin Boo. Also... we are not quite sure about the white face paint here. Boo's face is just as pink as the rest of his body so... we can't begin to imagine what the point here is.

11 Vegeta 


We applaud Spirit for trying to come up with an off-brand version of a Vegeta costume for people to get on the relative cheap but Spirit has always been a little sub par on the rip-off costume making. Don't get us wrong, Spirit is a great company for Halloween makeup and accessories, but they are not the people to go to when looking for a Vegeta cosplay.

10 Trunks


Alright, so here's the thing. A seat belt and purple hair don't immediately make someone Trunks. They just don't. Sure, it sort of works but the hairstyle is not quite anime enough. By that, we mean that it's not angular enough. Also... those intense blue contacts serve no purpose but to unnerve the general public, in our opinion!

9 Majin Boo


Well... he looks frightening, that's for sure. We're not sure what it is about people who try to cosplay as Majin Boo. They either look incredibly scary or they look way too sweet and innocent. Either way, it is true that we can tell what character this guy is going for, but there is something almost too ridiculous about the costume store Boo shirt he has, mixed with the Halloween makeup.

8 Videl


she did get the color of the smock or muscle shirt that Videl wear correct. White is the right color. However, where are the classic pigtails!? True, she does have a short-haired look too, but then where is the purple shirt and why does she have lines all over her face like she's being done up like a classic comic book character... which she really isn't?

7 Goku


This guy, honestly, reminds us more of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII than he does of Goku. Imagine if Cloud went to prison some place in our world. This is what he would look like. That orange jumpsuit and that tall-standing blonde hair. That is prison Cloud down pat. As for Goku, we think a little more detail is in order.

6 Majin Boo


Well, she is pink. We can't deny that. Her body and face are pink like Majin Boo. She's even got the same coloring on the clothing... even though she is definitely wearing more clothing than Majin Boo, which we definitely understand for a couple of pretty obvious reasons. However, we always look for the iconic Earthworm Jim-styled headpiece... where is that!?

5 Dende


We don't want to come across as mean at all, but we have to say that this Dende cosplay looks less like that character and more a mix between the aliens from Toy Story, Princess Leia, and Shrek. That might seem like a bizarre combination but be honest and try to say that there is no resemblance to each and every one of those characters...

4 Master Roshi


My goodness! Well, this is certainly some guy trying to be Master Roshi. However, if it were not for the bald head and the eyebrows, we would have no idea that this was the case. Realistically, this is just some jacked guy who wants to show off his body while pretending to care about a cosplay. If he really wanted to play Master Roshi, he'd look like a goofy grandpa!

3 Uub


Just because someone has the same haircut as a Dragon Ball character does not make them a cosplayer. Maybe this guy is into Dragon Ball and maybe it was intention to have a purposely-styled Uub hairdo (at least he actually got the character hair right, unlike most of these cosplayers), but there is no way that the hair alone works. Especially not with that hoodie to go with it.

2 Goku


We're just going to come right out and say it here... if a cosplayer feels the need to actually go out of their way to put a name patch on the side of their costume, then they don't really think they look like the character. And we have to say...that hairdo is just not doing it for anyone. It looks like one of the Three Stooges just had a bad hair day

1 Nailed It: Beerus 


Alright, so this is the one example of a Dragon Ball cosplay that actually works. And this cat has no idea that he's better than every single person on this entire list! It's pretty sad when all it takes is some cheap material thrown onto a cat to make a better cosplay than many people can devise. It sort of makes us question our place in the world.

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